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Feeling Thankful

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Today presented some challenged but thanks to the intercessions of our beloved Saviour we were able to get through them.

Our son Daniel is facing a number of changes at present. He is just finishing his special school that he loves and has been attending for the last three years. We are moving to a new house and also some other minor things.

Today he got to his breaking point along with his recently resurrected skill of early morning fridge raids on foods that really don't suit his needs. Today we attended his year end awards program and then he just reached his limit.

We had to be called back to his school room to try and pacify him. When Daniel reaches melt down he starts to punch kick anything close to him and scream at the top of his lungs. It is not easy when you see your son in pain trying vehemently to hit you repeatedly. He managed to lay a few blows on me and a few on Lorelle. I was extremely thankful when he narrowly missed hitting me between the legs. I was able to stroke him gently and calm him down a little and then I prayed with him and he started to climb down from his rage. The he began to wimper and cry but he was ok.

Lorelle and I then left him at school after he seemed ok and said call us if there is any more problems. We received a call 15 mins later indicating that they had to vacate the classroom and several teachers were there to try and pacify him. He was lying down and wimpering and they had put on a children film to try and calm him down. I noticed the film was a children's Christmas movie with elves and all the typical nonsense associated with such things. Even though the film itself would not be enough to induce this kind of behaviour, it certainly opens doors to attack in the area where Daniel is struggling.

We wouldn't know half the things we have learned about doorway things that can trigger problems without Daniel. He has helped us so much be aware of doors to evil spirit influences.

I had asked several on this group to pray before I went in. The principal of the school asked if we could take Daniel home as he had two episodes and was placing other students at risk. I was praying about how to take him home as I knew he wanted to stay at school. As I approached him I thought, I need to give him something better to replace what he has now. I knew he liked the beach and guessing we had no beach closes I said, let's go to the beach. immediately Daniel sat up and was ready to go to the beach. It was an answer to prayer.

He grabbed his things and went out and looked at the playground that was his favourite place in the school and he started to cry aloud. maybe as he knew he would not see it again. Whatever it was it made Lorelle and I cry because its hard to watch your children in pain. I just prayed and then shortly after he completely changed and ran down the path eager to go to the beach.

As it turns out my beloved Lorelle had kept a set of beach clothes and towels in the car for all of us. Her organisation was such a blessing from heaven. We also praised the Lord that I had come down with Lorelle to the School today as she would have had a very very hard time if I had not been there.

As we sat at the beach and I watched Daniel running into the waves with laughter and joy I praise our Father for His grace. Thank you for those who prayed for us. It made a real difference and I thank our Father for giving me the thought to take him to the beach. Occasionally this afternoon he has had a few sad moments but he is ok. We just ask for your prayers for the next few weeks as there are lots of changes for Daniel and we just pray he can adjust to everything without having another meltdown.

Meltdowns trigger many feelings for Lorelle and I from earlier years that we can't fully describe but we thank our Father for bringing us through them and giving us such beautiful children and a wonderful message of our Father's love