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Fight from the Heart

Posted Jun 24, 2013 by John Penman in Testimonies and Stories
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I am a recent convert to this wonderful Father and His Son message. It has been a very rapid and rocky road but the beams of truth from heaven are growing brighter every day. I feel like I'm really beginning to zone in on the heart of this message, hence the title, fight from the heart.  Now when most of us think of the word fight we think of aggression but Christ's war is a fight of submission. This war is the war that Satan hates. It was the war that was waged in heaven and on the cross. It’s the war that is being waged between the gods of the Trinity and the Son of God.

When I first started my search for truth on the Godhead I came in from what I will term left of centre. Now I don't want anyone taking offence here because all aspects of this message are important. What I am driving at is the order it’s done in and where our emphasis should be. Let me explain. My left of centre search took me on a wonderful journey of proving our pioneers did not believe in the Trinity. The most fought over person was Ellen. G White, you know all those curly evangelism quotes. It took a lot of reading and comparing information to be convinced where our pioneers stood, but in the end I believed they were non Trinitarians. Next I went to what I'll call right off centre. This was to prove the Holy Spirit was not a third member of the Godhead. Same story, a lot of reading and prayful study of Scripture as well, but in the end, I saw the logic of the Holy Spirit being the mind and omnipresence of the Father and Son. Now I will get to the centre or heart of the message which is the atonement. The difference between the Trinity doctrine and the true Son of the living God and what happened on the cross is the strongest argument in the search for truth. It is the dividing line between Satan's power based kingdom and Christs kingdom of love and submission.

If the majority of Seventh Day Adventists realized that at the heart of the Trinity doctrine they are left with a god that could not fully die for them they would be shocked. Why couldn't the second person of the Godhead die? Because he is part of a co-equal co-eternal Trinity. Because he never had a beginning he could never have an ending in death.  Not even for a moment let alone for three days in the tomb. And whatever sort of partial death he experienced the Trinitarians emphasize that he raised himself again. When Christ gives us discernment we can see Satan’s lies.

Look at the two lies from Satan here.

1. I shall be like the Most High……

2. You shall not surely die.

Contrast this with the truth of Jesus. The power of submission. First he had a beginning and could therefore experience an ending in death. The grave could not hold Him only because He was without sin. He bore all of our sins but He had no sin. What a risk from the Father. What love from them both. If Christ had succumbed to temptation His death and separation from the Father would have been permanent. Doesn't that thought want to make you take your walk with God seriously? Doesn't such unselfish love make your heart melt?  Isn't that the power of the Gospel?

Let’s take a look at life original, unborrowed, underived for a moment.

Every gift God gives He gives forever. His Son inherited total equality with His Father. God could not take that gift back from His Son. It was only through Jesus willingly emptying Himself that he started stooping down to our sin sick world to redeem us to the point of death. Even the spirit or character of us individually, is a permanent gift. Now hang on a minute I hear someone say! The wages of sin is death. Yes, but that unique part that makes you, you either dies with you in sin or is raised with you in Christ's righteousness. Your character and freewill is always yours.  Oh what love! In a similar way that Christ emptied himself of His heavenly glory to bear our sins so are we required to empty ourselves to Christ so we can be filled with His righteousness. The power is in submission.

The main thought I want to crystallize here is the power based kingdom of the Trinity gods is directly opposed to the one and only Eternal Father and God of all who will give everything to those who submit to His Love.

So when we try to share our faith with Trinitarians let's get straight to the point of the message.  Fight from the heart with Christ’s gospel of submission.