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For My Love of the Son of God - Video Response

Posted Jul 25, 2012 by Oliver Saade in Testimonies and Stories
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Quoting from the Maranatha Media Newsletter July 2012:

“It is this question that I seek to answer before my brethren in the church that have chosen another beloved. It is my desire that every member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church would have opportunity to see the reasons why I have found the begotten Son to be sweeter and infinitely more lovely than the one called the second person of the Trinity.

Knowing that Jesus is the Son of God is only the beginning of the journey, knowing why this makes Him so sweet is the burden of my heart that as the followers of the begotten Son we might reflect this sweetness in our efforts to reach our brethren. Does the spirit of the begotten Son subdue our hearts, fill us with joy and grant us patience to deal with those who oppose us? Does the joy of His love keep our tongues from foolishness and rash accusations against those who are marching towards certain destruction? Does His love cause us to weep and sigh for the terrible things done in our beloved Church?If ever we needed the sweetness, meekness and humility of the begotten Son, now is most certainly that time.” - from letter by Adrian Ebens introducing the book My Beloved.

Complete Newsletter can be read here My Beloved

My heart was stirred up and I was over flowing with joy as I read these words. They resounded firmly yet gently in my soul what had become my heart’s desire too. I could hear my own cry, “Dear Father, thank you, someone finally uttered the words!” Now wait a minute, what words were “finally uttered” that made me leap for joy? -Blessed words like a key meant for unlocking prison doors.

After knowing the Son of God, I began to realize there was something far more deeper to it than simply having this knowledge. A deeper joy awaited and I was deeply longing for it. I was on a journey and these words were for me, as a messenger with a gift to speak truth; one begins to hear truth when he speaks it. There were just for me if no one wanted them. They are my burden too.

Knowing the Son of God is only the beginning of the journey, it is not enough to know who He is, there is a “knowing why that makes Him so sweet” that changes everything. It is a sweet burden, a longing and an intense desire of my heart to the glory of the Father.

So my hands now found new work, to expressed the beauty of his nature. My lips began to speak ever so gently. Meeting my Beloved, the real Son of God, did what all words and actions could not do. So I could not resist till I finally obliged, I felt imediatly impressed to make this video and share with all. I pray many will find this joy of knowing the Son of God, to know His Father and our Father. May you be blessed as you watch this video. May knowing what makes Him so sweet be the burden of our hearts. May you find the Beloved Son of God.

For My Love of the Son of God from Maranatha Media on Vimeo.

I hold to the words in the video litterally and dearly. As I felt the rejection from brethren my heart felt what many who love the Son of God feel in their rejection. But the Beloved takes it further, He give me a burden greater, to answer the question "why" for I have found Him to be sweeter" and it has been my hearts desire ever since.