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How Truth Works

Posted Aug 15, 2012 by Oliver Saade in Devotional - Blog
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Below are themes we talk about mostly in isolation from a whole picture as Christians. You may see words as God, Father, Son, good, love, grace, good, evil, wisdom, glory, fellowship and some others. The word “Son” to some has now become a play-act but as many of us now know, there is a blessing in the word if we understand why there even is such a word or that it should proceed out of the mouth of the Father who speaks no lie.

Vision requires proper alignment of the channels through which it is given. It is embedded in our nature but sin distorts it. To clearly see we need the plain word (thus said the Lord). That word was spoken from the Father to the Son, "you are my son in who I am well pleased" through this open way man is given again, if he will take hold, life as it comes from the Father. It is how truth works. It is plain and simple if you will take hold and believe. When God comes on the scene He does not playact as men to save. He speaks clearly what we know as truth. When those channels begin to get aligned by God’s own act, when we believe and take hold vision becomes clear and we begin to see His words as life. His words no longer are words but, as what creation became through what God has said in His word; reality, the very thing in which we see to live.

God is love. He gives and is unconditional.

Grace is unmerited favor, His power that enables us without requirement.

Good is what He does. Evil is what others do without Him and His way of doing it.

He is our Father we know Him because of the son of His love. He gives us power through His Son. We know good when it comes through the Son. The rectitude of that which transpires from the Father is known as good. It is attested by two witnesses, two confirm it for what it is, not one. It comes and the other tastes and sees that the LORD is good. Not only the father, but He had put it in the Son’s hand that He will attest of the Father that it will be known as what is good.

When that transaction comes to us as what is good, we have to remember that the basis of the knowledge of good is that it comes from Father and Son. In their relationship is the balance of what is good before God. The Son receives. All other knowledge is evil. Without this giving and receiving all things, all things apart from that, as we know it becomes evil. And not a good work.

The Son of God is the very embodiment of the wisdom and power of God, in Him is hid all the treasures of wisdom. To know the Father and rightly relate to Him as Father, we need to know the Son. He bears in Himself the constituent elements of who He, the Son, is. He knows it, and lives as that. He is that. He is our constant example as children of the Father.

The Son is the brightness of the glory of the Father, who the Father is. As Moses said, "shew me thy glory" (Read Exodus 33:18-23 to see what passed before Moses) it is revelatory of the light that surrounds Him. He is all He shows Moses infinitely and the light of who He is is shown through Him. We beam with light when we are joyful. Those beams of light (glory) are what He is in nature and character. The Son takes and He gives, and is that Way by which all can partake in fellowship with the Father, for our fellowship is with Father and Son.

He is God and Father, God for He is before all things, Father for He is the originator who gives, is first who loved, founder and caretaker of His family line. His Son is first and last of anything in the express image of God.