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It is not about Rebellion

Posted Apr 13, 2014 by Torsten Maekler in General
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Ever since I came into the Advent Church, I constantly encounter people who are challenging the church as a whole. "It has strayed." "The church has become Babylon." "This is error, that is error." Well, most of you know these kind of arguments.


I wondered: why do people don't have a basic trust in what God has made his last official church structure? The Seventh-Day-Adventist Church. Why are we humans so distrustful towards others?


On the other side of this coin there are those people who only would listen to things which come through official channels. If it has no stamp of approval, they won't read, listen to, or watch it.


I wondered: why do people need someone whose authority gives them assurance that they can permit it into their lifes? Why are we humans so distrustful to ourselves?


Trust is the one basic issue the whole Great Controversy revolves around. God asks: do you trust me?


Our trust can be shaken. Very easily. If it happens, either if we trusted in ourselves or on others, usually we go into denial. No, those arguments must be false. And dependent on our resolution we will try to the utmost to bend the arguments which stand againt our trust foundation. This cannot fall. Because we would fall. And this cannot happen.


But isn't that exactly what Christ demands of us? We either will be broken when we fall on the rock. Or, if we don't, he will finally fall on us. And we will be broken - but only with an unfortunate outcome. Only if we fall on the rock and be broken, he will be able to heal us.


So in whom do you trust? In whom do I trust? Myself? Others? I better be prepared that my foundation might be shaken. But it will be a good thing if it is. Because: in whom should we trust? What is Gods plan for trust? Myselve? Others?


No. We should trust in God. "Do you trust me?", he asks. We all should remember this. Either if we are defending church doctrine or upholding pioneer believes.



Rebellion: do we as people who stand for what our pioneers were granted to receive want to rebel against the church? Well, I must say, that this site is one of a few exceptions in the vast sea of people who attack the SDA church for possibly going astray in the godhead-believe. So thanks to our Lord for making us this humble.

But I am pained to see (especially here in Germany) so many people and ministries trying to dump the SDA church as being a Harlot. There is no reason to go to war against this structure. If God wants to change things he needs people who reflect the character of Christ. This would be the loudest voice which could echo around the world. And people would listen. God will make them.

So keep up the humble way which can be seen here in all the articles.

I just wanted to say Thank you to all of you who allowed God to humble you to this degree. God bless!