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Joining the Dots to the Sealing

Posted Apr 30, 2018 by Adrian Ebens in Newsletters
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Joining the Dots to the Sealing

While in Germany for Tabernacles of 2016, we presented the Escaping the Pentagon of Lies Series. Immediately after this, the series was presented in at Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel

The contents of this series are vital for to understand in their context for the receiving of the seal of God. Escape from the Pentagon requires a key. That key is found in the relationship of the Father and Son. It is a source and channel relationship. 1 Cor 8:6. Within this message, we have termed this the Divine Pattern.

The key principles of the divine pattern are:

1. Source and Channel. 1 Cor 8:6
2. Invisible source and visible channel. Col 1:15
3. the channel magnifies the source Heb 1:3
4. The source blesses the channel Matt 3:17
5. The channel submit to and obeys the source. John 5:19

The five stronghold points of the Pentagon are found in the following teachings.

1. The immortality of the soul
2. Sunday Sacredness
3. The Trinity
4. Dispensational Covenant System
5. God personally kills His wayward children

The secret to escaping this pentagon of lies is found through knowing the truth of the Father and the Son and coming into harmony with their source-channel system. 

The doctrine of the immortality of the soul can only be accepted through a spiritualisation of the Word of God. Christ the living Word that is presently invisible to earthly human sight is revealed to us through the visible Word - the Bible. Christ speaks through His Word the Bible and the Spirit comes to dwell in us through the written Word of God. All false teaching violates this principle. Those who read the Word of God without the living Spirit of Christ guiding them will fall into error. Those who claim to have inspiration not proven and supported by Scripture also fall into error. We must have the living Word guiding through the written Word. This will manifest itself in bringing all the Scripture on a point together and harmonising them. It is impossible to escape the Pentagon with a wrong Bible study method. The doctrine of the immortality of the soul was the first manifestation of this wrong method.

The Fellowship of the Father and Son is manifested most distinctly in the Sabbath. The refreshing that comes during the Sabbath is the love of the Father for His Son and through His Son to us. As the Son of God is the brightness of the Father's glory, the feasts are the brightness of the Sabbath glory. As the Father is not alone but has a co-worker, so the Sabbath is not alone but is expanded in the feasts. It is impossible to escape the pentagon of lies if you have a wrong conception of the Sabbath. Only the Spirit of the Father and His Son come into the Sabbath and flows through the feasts by their Spirit. The magnification of the Spirit's power through the Sabbath is in the feasts. Those who keep feasts with an emphasis of deeds and rituals also show they do not understand the Sabbath and can't escape the pentagon system.

The doctrine of the Trinity is clearly at war with the Father and Son teaching for the Father is the source of all things and the Son manifests the Father's glory. The Trinity denies this. It is impossible to escape the pentagon system while believing in the Trinity. You can't obtain the Divine Pattern key while believing this doctrine. Further still, there are many who confess with their mouth the Father and Son but as they have not grasped the relationship of the Father and Son in the Divine Pattern they remain locked into the Pentagon.

The covenants are unlocked through the Divine Pattern. The relational experience of Hagar leads the soul into the experience of Sarah. Gal 4:22-24. The Old Covenant that all are born into, is the way into the New Covenant. They are two heart experiences. The ministration of death in the Old covenant is a school master to bring us to Christ. Those who see the two covenants as co-equal in the old and new Testaments read the law of Moses with a veil of darkness behind the bright light of the gospel. This creates a mirror in their minds and blinds them to the reality of God's character in the Old Testament. The failure to unlock the covenants prevents a person from truly grasping the true character of our Father. 

The righteous are sealed with the Father's name. Rev 14:1 - His name is His character. His character is revealed in the commandments. The commandments state that Thou shalt not kill. This is what Jesus demonstrated on earth. The perfect live of Christ illuminates all of the Old Testament. It removes the darkness around God's character and breaks down the mirror of brass erected through the sinful heart of man to cause him to see God like man. The Divine pattern of Father and Son where the Son of God fully manifests the Father's name while on earth is the final piece of the puzzle to receive the seal.

When these five points are broken. The soul is prepared for the seal.

1. Fear God - Truth of Father and Son
2. Give Glory to Him - Believe that God keeps His own commandments including "thou shalt not kill."
3. The hour of His judgement is come. When we see the glory of the Lord, we must then judge what God is really like. When we decide God then judges us as we judge Him. Matt 7:2
4. Worship Him that made - The Sabbath is the channel by which the seal is given. 

Then Babylon will fall and everyone will receive the seal of the gentle non-violent God or the mark of the violent beast god, Apollyon the destroyer.   

What is the Seal? The Fathers Character
How do we discover this Character? Through the Begotten Son manifested on earth- the full revelation of the Father?
How do we receive this seal? By the Spirit of Christ
When do we receive this seal? At the times [moedim LXX equivalent] of refreshing. These seasons are:

1. Morning and Evening 
2. Sabbath
3. New Moon
4. Unleavened Bread
5. Pentecost
6. Trumpets leading to Atonement
7. Tabernacles

These seasons come according to the midnight cry of the Seventh Month movement which was built upon the Karaite Calendar which determines the start of the new year with the New Moon after the abib Barley in the land of Israel. This is the light which lights the path to the city. 

For those who have ears to hear. The sealing message is now being manifested. Come into this ark of safety and receive the seal of the living God. 

You are invited to be made a pillar in the temple of our God and have the name of the God of Jesus written upon you and the name of the City of the God of Jesus written upon you. Rev 3:12. 
Passover 2018 - Australia
We had a wonderful time for Passover in Widgee, QLD. 
Messages from Passover

We had 5 baptisms during our time there and the clarity of the message became clearer for many. 

2018 Itinerary for Pr Adrian Ebens
We are looking forward to meeting with many of you on our tour to several countries. 

May 25-27 Pentecost Meetings in San Jose Area, California. Contact LuAnne Larson -

June 2-3 Meetings in Kelowna. Area, Canada 
Contact Jan Armstrong -

June 5,6 Meetings Grand Coulee, WA, USA
Contact - Jack and Charlotte Jensen -

June 15,16 Meetings in Clark, South Dakota area.
Contact Joanne Isaak -

June 21-24 Meetings in Talking Rock, GA
Contact Gary Hullquist -

July 7-8 Meetings in Mornex, France
Contact Marc Fury -

July 10-11 Meetings in Brno, Czech Republic
Contact Jiri Sanek - jiri,

July 12-18 Meetings in Austria
Contact Jutta Deichsel -

July 20-22 Meetings in Zrenjanin Serbia.
Contact Boris Subotin -

July 27-Aug 1 Meetings in Sofia Bulgaria
Contact Deyan Delchev - 

Sep 25 - Oct 2 Tabernacles, Goldendale, WA. USA
Contact Melody Drake 

October 11 - Nov 14 In South Africa - Itinerary to date. more details coming.

Oct 15-21 Pietermaritzburg Camp Meeting
Oct 26-28 Oudtshoorn
Oct 31 Capetown
Nov 2-4 Wellington Camp Meeting. 

Nov 21-24 Bangkok

Video Playlists on Youtube 

Atonement Series            
Wednesday Night Study Series 2017
Life Stream 2017
Life Stream 2018

Field Workers
In the past few months we have taken on the task of supporting workers in South Africa, Serbia and Malawi. We thank you for your kind support in helping us support these and other workers spreading this most precious message. 

Thank you

We say thank you for all our supporters in various parts of the world that help us get the joyous news of the Third's Angel's message out to the world. We ask for your prayers as we continue to advance the light of truth. We are very excited about the things we are learning and pray that you also will be blessed on this journey into a deeper knowledge of the Father and the Son.

Adrian Ebens
Maranatha Media




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