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Life Changing Series - TRSC Bible Training Series Report

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 Testimony of Anna Pace -   June 2017 Presentations at Talking Rock (Evangelistic Series)

As I consider the wide array of presentations from the Pentecost and the Evangelistic series that were held over the month of June, I wanted to share a brief testimony of how the messages have changed my perception, my heart and my relationship with Jesus and our loving Father.

My participation was limited to the internet  live-streaming of each session, and most mornings that meant a 6:00 am start; and then the  1 or 2 additional sessions in the morning, followed by a typical 4pm (my local time) close off the day study.  Not being there in person meant I was not privy to the obvious blessed off-line discussions and studies that were taking place.

For me, there were many components of the evangelistic series that proved to be a greater blessing than expected.

Having watched the Pentagon of Lies prior, allowed for a clean sweep (away) of all the straggly bits of confusion and doctrine that lingered in a few dark corners of my mind. Excellent series that completely annihilates the 5 great lies - that the religious world esteems as truth in one form or another.

Loved the studies into prophecy that brought out the rich, deeper levels of bible-mined truths that brought forth the 2520, and 2300 into such clarity. The opportunity to firmly nail down the time pillars of truth – as understood and taught by the early pioneers.  The shift in doctrine and SDA understanding re: LR Conradi’s story was eye-opening.  The 1888 messages that were rejected is something I’ve been studying for some time, yet the consequences drawn out in the studies reawakened my desire to reread Jones, and Waggoner.  The presentation of the ‘daily’, and the experiences with the ‘hedge’– all these things found a way to reshape my perceptions and call out to my heart a little deeper.  

The dispensation periods versus the everlasting covenant shifted my thinking from Protestant forefathers to our true forefather Abraham – and for me this was huge, as I had read Truth Triumphant recently and struggled with “protestant roots” which seemed at variance compared to those who held the Word of God (along with the Sabbath and the feasts) since the early church.  I had seen the need to reach further back into history and to understand the true meaning of the covenants.

Ministration of Death is a glorious thing! To have that concept unraveled from its ominous title certainly took some time to grasp, but I endeavoured – and see the blessing in it.

The corporate identity hit home for me, even though I wasn’t raised SDA nor taught by current day pastors (my home studies comprised of EGW, Jones and Waggoner over the years)

The call out of Babylon wasn’t a new concept to me (Babylon within), but the ‘how’ to present this to the world as the compelling cry of victory was a perspective that firmed up the understanding.

Straight testimony sermons that literally tore away the standard garb of understanding to present the pure harmony of Father and Son applied to the character of the end-time church was sobering, yet my heart thrilled with joy to know such a love as this! With such clarity and articulation it’s hard to imagine that anyone could reject such a message of love.  This relational/family experience and the love Jesus manifested in order that we might know the Father – so that we might be one with Him, is a truth that can only grow and bear forth fruit to His glory and bring about the ends of this world. Bring an end to sin, its suffering and all its train of human woe to a final end, and Jesus can rest from his suffering in bearing the millennia of sorrows.

The story of Hannah , how she was dealt with, and yet how she met these crises in her life is something that I struggle to fully comprehend, and yet dwell on – trying to wrap my head around such submission and love. Recognizing the application for my character; all these things were written for our admonition…

I see that the divine pattern applied to our lives, is key to so many aspects of our spiritual growth. Without it, it’s understandable why there is so much rebellion and strife and certain eternal loss. Oh, the thought of this straight testimony! The warning is giving and the outcome is sure. Solemn lessons to be learned ….and I marvel, how great is the Father’s love for us!

The more I watched the presentations, the more I wanted. I did not want it to end! It was such a joy to start my day with the little group at Talking Rock, and to end my day with the same blessed thoughts that were conveyed from the pulpit.  It was like Sabbath every day, but better!

Interwoven throughout was the re-introduction of the Appointed times, and its application.  As I’ve been studying this out for myself – and convicted that there is something more to this (to the chagrin of those who state; “you only crucify Christ afresh!”), I needed to understand this for myself.  Only desiring that which is Truth according to the bible, regardless of the cost (heaven is cheap enough) I have come to accept the appointed times as a special ‘out-pouring’ of His spirit. Those of you at Talking Rock displayed such love, humility, and gentleness - the great drawing out of the heart after God.  My heart burned within me, as I too was with you…. This experience transcends the emotional, as it was the avenue that has opened my heart so that my mind could grasp these inter-woven concepts and principles in order to embrace the perfect harmony and richness of these priceless gems. I would encourage all to “Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!”

Personal testimonies of those who were willing to share their journey were compelling, and some were down right riveting!  Their stories reaffirm His desire that none should be lost. I know of the wonderful things that the Lord has done in my life over the decades – yet hearing the stories of others and the dark paths that the Lord saved them from generated a kinship in my heart with them. Such a joy, to hear how loving and gracious our Father is towards us!

In short, I can honestly say that I was “feasting on the mana – from a bountiful supply”. The Lord was ever so generous with his continuous flow of Light. The month of June was a huge feast of blessings! None need say they “know not the way”.

Over the years I’ve been stunned, sad, and disheartened  that the religious world has no interest (those who claim to be Christian), and see no beauty, no light, no desire for these things which the Lord has revealed as his Truth, His peace and Final answer to all things. Once you find this pearl of great price – you sell all to possess it. You desire no other. I have found the Fountain of Life. There is nothing in this world that can quench my hunger and thirst as this Fountain that flows from the throne of God. The many deep, prayerful longings of my heart were answered throughout the month-long series.  I am eternally grateful for all the folks at Talking Rock and especially Pastor Adrian who allowed the Lord to use them as vessels to His glory; who spoke with power and conviction – filled with the spirit of love, and led me to the Fountain where I can drink and be satisfied.

Moving forward, I will be reviewing all the videos and taking reference notes along with learning to diagram the various charts in the hopes that the Lord will leverage me to share His last message of mercy to this dying world….Amen