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Missed Opportunity!

Posted Jan 29, 2011 by Evelyn Ebens in The Son of God
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Missed Opportunity!

Quotations from Desire of Ages

On reading the seventh chapter, ‘The Passover Visit’ I have discovered a very interesting point.

Jesus, now 12 years old, was eligible to partake in the Passover and go to special classes held by the priests in the temple.

He witnessed the impressive rites of the Paschal service. Day by day He saw their meaning more clearly. Every act seemed to be bound up with His own life…..The mystery of His mission was opening to the Saviour. DA 77

Within the class, He asked them deep questions:

The doctors turned upon Him with questions, and they were amazed at His answers. With the humility of a child He repeated the words of scripture, giving them a depth of meaning that the wise men had not conceived of. IF FOLLOWED, the lines of TRUTH He pointed out would have WORKED a REFORMATION. DA 78

In the religion of the day!

A deep interest in spiritual things would have been awakened: and when Jesus began His ministry, many would have been prepared to receive Him….The words of Jesus HAD moved their hearts as they had never before. DA 79


In their pride they would have scorned to admit. They would not admit that they had misapprehended the scriptures. They would not renounce the theories that had flattered their ambitions. DA 79


They missed a glorious opportunity…

Will this happen again ?

Will Doctors of learning misintepret, misunderstand, miss out.?

We pray not.