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My Story - Graham

Posted Feb 23, 2010 by Graham Tierney in General
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At the end of the dvd I sat silent but finally said “the Lord just spoke to me, and told me that I have to meet this man and share these dvd’s with my family”.  It was like I wasn’t speaking for myself, but I wasn’t resisting. We had prayer after that and it was like I was in another world. My lady then gave me the number where I could reach Pastor Ebens.

On Monday I phoned and we talked. Me asking all manner of questions, especially about what he believed and what other material he had. As he answered my questions  it was like I was being calmed and I instinctively knew this was meant to happen. It was truth I was hearing. I settled in to watching the rest of the Identity Wars series; Identity Lost, Identity reclaimed, The Glory of Children, The Two Kingdoms Illustrated, Identity Defined and The Visible and Invisible and watched them over and over checking his statements against Scripture. I phoned him 3 times that week and as many the next. Everything checked out. Through those 2 weeks I had so much peace and calm, I was amazed. And as I watched and memories of my life flashed before me I sometimes wept uncontrollably.

In the second week he invited me to his next meeting. I sensed it was a challenge, but accepted and arranged to attend the next Sabbath. His message was Born Again and I knew that I had been introduced to my Saviour Christ Jesus for the first time. He is the Literal Son of God The Father; He is The Pearl of Great Price and by His grace I will never leave him again. Praise Him for His patience with me and for not leaving me over 42 years.  I am a son of God!                                  

Something that I must point out is that I had accepted the belief about Jesus truly being the Son of God many years earlier but did not understand its true significance and this knowledge actually worked against me because I went with this message to the leaders of the Adventist church as an overbearing boss would go to his underling employee. I did not then understand the true submissive Spirit of Jesus nor the headship/submission principle and came to the leaders with a spirit of rebuke and censure.

Of course, with that attitude I was rejected and became so angry with church leadership that I wrote a letter to the church demanding that my name be taken off the church roll, which of course it was. I regret that action to this day, and recently God asked me to repent of that action.

Since receiving Adrian’s Return of Elijah Manuscript, the Life Matters book, studying further from the Bible and accepting counsel from Adrian, I have been taught to pray for and have been given love for the leaders of the Adventist Church. I am now praying every day for them, that they and their families will be as blessed with this message as I have been and that they will repent and give the true Son of God back to his people.

Graham - Australia