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Open Heart Report 2

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So I go to a different church one Sat. to watch my daughter sing, after church let out I find that a car has blocked me in. I am livid, I begin mumbling insults under my breath about how I wish that person was outside right now so I could give them a piece of my mind...and foot and arm and any other body part I could spare. I thought to myself  "I'll write a note and leave it on the windshield". My daughter, now over my shoulder, was waiting to see me in action. But as I put the pen to the paper the strangest thing happened, I began to write, "Happy Sabbath", I jumped so hard, "what is that" my daughter asked, "I...I don't know" I replied, I tried again, "How wonderful it is to be in the House of the Lord, WHAT!!". The more I wrote, the more love poured out, everything I put down had nothing to do with what I wanted to say. "I think I'm having a Jonah moment", Gaby laughed and laughed, I stared blankly at this lovely letter, "might as well put up now". To God be all honor and glory, it is great to know we have a Savior that shows up on time to save us... even from ourselves.