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Open Heart Report 4

Posted May 06, 2010 by Randy Thompson in Outreach (Preach Unto Them)
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I was watching a documentary called "Ghetto Ballet which was a story about the first all black ballet group in South Africa. Out of about eight kids only two were to be picked to join this elite dance company. One of the young girls who didn't make the cut had me crushed, the man holding the auditions told her that she was fat but there was still hope, she could some how find a dietitian to help her "WHAT!!" these kids live in shanties smaller than my bedroom, and an entire family at that, I could see the Duracell tree propel her at breakneck speed into the  base of the tree. O how I longed to tell her how much see was worth, to show her the beauty and freedom that our Abba wanted to give her.

I sat in tears praying that God would send me someone to share with, and I suddenly got thirsty and decided I would go to the gas station to get some juice, as I got out of my car, I noticed a young lady on the side with her van hood up, I went inside and bought my drinks and was impressed to ask the young lady if she needed help. As I approached I sort of expected her to say "no thank you, I'm fine" the usual bit I get, but this was different, she was so thankful, I told her to" hold her thanks until I actually did something" lol. I could not see what was wrong with the car and so I called my dad to ask what where some like problems that had the issues the lady was describing. My dad asked me to look for any lose wires and I found one of her battery post's where lose. I tightened it and got ready to leave and the young lady (Susan) began thanking me so much and I told her "no problem, as a for payment I would like to do some Bible studies with her if she didn't mind. She looked at me puzzled for a bit, I guess she expected me to ask for money or her phone number, but she agreed and I was soooo happy I went home and told my folks how it turned out.

As I was speaking to my mom, I received a call on the other line, it was Susan, she sounded frantic and I asked her to tell me what happened. She told me the car stopped again and this time it was smoking inside and outside the car, I told her I would be on the way, I asked Karna to accompany me. We drove to pick her up and drop her home, Karna was not happy about this as she was literally walking in the door when I asked her to go back out with me. But this young lady started spilling her heart out to us about her husband and her religion and life in general and it melted us both. I could not believe what was happening, God had answered my prayer, and come to find out He was answering Susan's as well. She told us how she long for some one to pray with and to talk about salvation with and I thought "HALLELUJAH" this is awesome as we rode together Karna and I shared and shared and was so blessed in return.

As we reached our destination, I asked if I could pray with her before she left, which she eagerly agreed too, afterward's she kept asking if I was really going to call to give her Bible studies to which I assured her that I would. On the way home Karna shared how God had blessed her during this as well, she thanked me for asking her to come, I told her that it wasn't me it was the Holy Spirit that she had listened to. I was dumbfounded, a 3 fold prayer being answered!! Three separate people praying to one God, how wonderful. I saw God's hand in this allllll the way, from the moment I got thirsty.

I simply wanted to share how our Father shows up not necessarily when we think we need Him, but He's always on time, what a might God we serve. Be blessed