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Our New Family - Passover 2016 Report

Posted May 25, 2016 by Renata Bialkowska in Events
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The Passover camp was an incredible experience for my family and everyone there became our new family. They welcomed us with so much love genorousity  and kindness that we never anticipated.. considering we we thought we were christians but still had alot of baby steps and were new to the  teachings  of Pastor Adrian. We realised that we still needed to learn so much. I was in tears many times with the love I felt there from others.  My children even calmed down with God's love around them. Our family was supported abundantly and never have I felt this close to  how heaven would feel on earth. Pastor Adrian and other speakers were amazing speakers and reviltized my love of the Bible. It gave me a fresh understanding of our heavenly father and the teachings of Jesus. I would recomend this camp to everyone on this planet. Our blessings have transformed our family  and encouraged us to have a daily walk with the father" Marco, Renata, Sebastian, Xavier Liesl

Much love


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