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Prayer Revival Leads to Dream Insight

Posted Jul 23, 2022 by Charienna in Testimonies and Stories
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Hi TRSC family, just want to say thank you for those who had prayed for me. I wasn't planning on following up that request with anything, but just now want to share. 

Yesterday early morning I finally woke up and decided to spend time in prayer and the Bible after a loooong time of not doing that. I really didn't feel like it, but decided I better start back up. I have been praying, never stopped doing that but it was quick prayers, part of the routine prayers... but this was a decided effort to spend quality, personal time with God. I was only going to spend no more than an hour but enjoyed it so much that I spent 30 minutes more. 

During lunch break I decided to pray too. Don't get me wrong, I usually pray this time too, before I eat, but it's quick and part of the routine. But this time was different, I decided to *connect* with my Father *through* prayer. Big difference. I enjoyed that too. It was a refreshing time in my work day where it's easy to disconnect from spiritual things due to work environment - music, language, attitudes, no spirituality at all involved, if anything avoided bc it feels taboo. 

The day before, I had put in time off for the fall feast. But 2 others had put in time as well so I had to work with them to figure it out. There are only 6 of us techs so the chances that half of us wanted some time off around the same time was interesting. Right after lunch one of them asked me, so what's this religious thing you're taking off for? I got to explain in a nutshell each feast from a relationship stand point with God. It was quick but inside was surprised with what I said. I knew God gave me the words and I thanked Him quietly in my heart for helping me to share that with my co-worker. (see article Feasts of Refreshing)

It was a good day. I felt connected with God after a long time of feeling "dead". I know we shouldn't focus on feelings but sometimes it's hard to shake. 

Well just several minutes ago I awoke from a dream. Several friends and I were enjoying ourselves on a beach. I was laying on the beach, drowsy from soaking up the sun and just enjoying it. From the corner of my eye I saw a huuuge wave. Immediately I knew I had to run. 

There was a steep flight of stairs just ahead and me and one other friend started to run up it. But we were so weak, trying to pull ourselves up by the railings. Yes the typical dream where you're trying to run but can't :) So we held hands and started to pray earnestly while we were still running, for God to help us up and to forgive us for our short comings. We gained some strength and kept on running. 

Finally we got near the top where we knew we were safe. Then I felt a strong breath pushed into me and I breathed it in sharply and deeply. There have been many times where I have woken up after a dream with a deep breath. But this was different. The breathe was pushed into me and then I inhaled it deeply. Then I awoke immediately after. It was the most cooling and refreshing breath ever! I sat up right away and asked God what that was all about. More like - What was that about?!??! Since it was so startling. 

The impression I got was... Us on the beach represented us living in this world and enjoying the world and being lulled to sleep in a way by it. Like the story of the 10 virgins. We are all asleep in a sense. My friends and I were unaware of the danger and asleep from enjoying the world. The wave was a warning that only 2 of us realized but had no strength to save ourselves. Only through prayer and God's power were we able to escape. And the breath is His Spirit that comes through seeking it through prayer. 

I was also impressed that only He saves us. There's nothing we can do. But that it is He who pulls us out from the world and sets us apart if we are willing. Thus the fact that He pushed the breath into me THEN I inhaled it. The story of Adam came to mind.

"Genesis 2:7 (KJV)  And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." In my story, He breathed into me when I was dead in sin THEN I became a living spiritual soul. It is only He who gives spiritual life. He initiates it. Apart from Him I will continue to be dead in sin. 

I knew an elderly man who often times with tears in his voice would say - I need the prayers of those I love. I used to kind of look down on him because I thought he was being too needy. He said it a lot! But now I too realize the importance and can say with him, "I need the prayers of those I love!" Thanks again for prayers and may our heavenly Father continue to breathe into you His breath of life.