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Rediscovering the Father and His Son!

Posted Sep 14, 2010 by Evelyn Ebens in Worship of True God
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I just thought I would share with you my experience in re-discovering the Father and His precious Son, and why this is all so important.   What a blessing the Father and the Son have been to my life! When I was younger, I learned of their true relationship, as taught by some pastors back then in the fifties, and by reading the Bible and Ellen White. We did not realise that this precious truth had been buried, until it was pointed out a few years ago. At first, we couldn’t understand that the Father & Son Godhead had been replaced by the trinity. I struggled for quite a long time, trying to grapple with what had happened. One strong impression made, was a message from the Vatican, “All churches are now united by the Trinity”. This caused me to be overcome with curiosity! Why was the Trinity linking all churches together with the Vatican? Eventually, after reading material from both sides, I began to grasp the problem. Then I collected all the texts pertaining to the Father and the Son, both from the concordance, and what our son Adrian had tabulated. Suddenly the precious words of God found in His Word, just opened up and became ‘living water’ refreshing my soul. I couldn’t get enough. I think, when you are about to lose something absolutely essential for life, you really hang on and devour everything. I praise God, for and pray for all those who are reading this, that you too, may find out the true Godhead.