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Sabbath: Preserving the Seal

Posted Jun 01, 2013 by George Kerr in Commandments of God
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Almost two years ago an acquaintance shared how the word "keep" is many times rendered "preserve". I did a little word study and it is true.

"Preserving" the commandments, statutes, and judgments has a different connotation in my mind than "keep". Sometimes people are led to think that keeping the commandments is an arbitrary command of Elohim. Preserving calls on one's heart to be a defender for righteousness. My acquaintance used the illustration of someone protecting a little bird as an example of how we should guard our heavenly Father's commandments. I have likened "preserving" to being a defender of the royal seal. It has been depicted throughout history in the Chinese culture that there was a person who was the "keeper of the imperial seal" for the emperor. WE are the KEEPERS of the royal law which contains the SEAL of the Sovereign Almighty of the universe (His fourth commandment). The believer has a high calling to preserve the laws of the one true Elohim.