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So Much Complaining!

Posted Apr 20, 2010 by Michael in Devotional - Blog
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The last few days I have been reading about the Children of Israel's journey to the promised land in the Story of Redemption. I'm simply amazed at how much they complained, especially after seeing God's mercy so many times!

When faced with Pharaoh's army after seeing the 10 plagues what do they do? They complain and say that Moses has brought them out there to get killed by the Egyptians. When the Egyptians start charging down the path through the see for them, after seeing the red sea majestically open up and the ten plagues, then what do they do? They complain and say the same thing about Moses. When they start to worry about how they will have enough food (Ellen White says that they actually did have food, they were just worrying about the future), after seeing the 10 plagues, the red sea open and collapse on the Egyptians, they then say that Moses has brought them out there to starve. Then they start to worry about water, after seeing the 10 plagues, the red sea open and collapse on their enemies, and manna from heaven; and they blame Moses, saying that he's taken them out there to die of thirst. To add to the water issue they do this 2 times more as I know it. Then they start to get plain bored with manna and start complaining and asking for meat, even going as far to say that they should go back to Eygpt. Even now, God grants their wishes! And if you look at the whole story of Israel's journey, I've only mentioned a bit of all their complaining! This kind of ingratitude makes me sick! God really is so merciful, to put up with these people!

It reminds of Satan really; Satan was the most exalted and glorious created being in the entire universe, he had seen more of the wonders of God than any other created being had. Yet, he was ungrateful and rebelled, not only getting himself kicked out of heaven but a third of the angels!

The kind of ingratitude that the Children of Israel showed could also show in me or anyone else. We all have the same potential. In fact, Ellen White mentions how we can and many are doing similar things to the Children of Israel. But the fact is that none of us have seen the 10 plagues, a massive sea parting for us and then coming back down on our enemies, manna from heaven, water gushing out of a rock when hit with a rod and many other signs and wonders. It just shows how far astray their faith in God had gone; probably the result of whatever junk they were up to in Egypt.

Anyway, I just thought I'd put down my thoughts and share them with you, hopefully my writing wasn't messy. :D