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Speakers At Talking Rock Feast of Tabernacles

Posted Nov 12, 2013 by George Kerr in Worship of True God
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AdrianPastor Adrian Ebens from Australia of was the featured speaker. He had two themes for the week--1)That Righteousness by Faith can be preached within the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14, and 2) The Divine Pattern of Source and Channel, i.e. the Father as Source the Son as Channel and how all blessings are received through this method. He compared it to the Covering of the Trinity Doctrine and the competing tensions that co-equality breeds to the downfall of one of the competing persons/thoughts, or belief systems.

He had a faithful ministry partner in his good friend, Craig Jacobson. Craig is a gentle giant who could be seen supporting Adrian continually, encouraging souls, counseling newlyweds, and giving comfort wherever it was needed. His Testimony on the Father & Son.

MarkMark Martin of Prophecy of Hope, a former member and speaker of the Jehovah's Witnesses spoke of his journey to coming into first the seventh-day Sabbath and then the doctrine of the Father and Son and what he and his ministry partners Rick and Mary Tyler are doing in outreach to bring this good news to their community through Prophecy of Hope seminars.

Jason Hovey is a young self-supporting minister whose outreach is to the Jews and Muslims in New York City. His focus was on Joel chapters 1 and 2 in combination with Revelation chapter 9. His cry to arouse the awareness of believers to begin witnessing to these groups of people was Hoveyconvicting. He showed how the Muslims have saved believers in the past and how we could and should be witnessing to them to save them from future events. Because of our belief system in the Father and Son and abstinence of pork consumption, we have a pathway open whereas the Christians with a Trinity Doctrine and belief that the law was done away with so we can eat what we want thought process doesn't have or will never have.

His website for reaching the Muslims is Children of the East.

Frank Klin shared how the SDA church kept the Feast of Ingathering in the early 1900's and how it was promoted through the children's divisions, but finally done away with as other programs were developed.

George spoke on Cleansing the Temple, Abigail and David, and Tamar and Judah.

Obert Merchant gave two powerful talks on the Knowledge of God.

Wayne Wright spoke on the divinity of the Messiah.

ObertPastor Ebens had a sermon on Making Men from Boys and the Divine Pattern in Families. He spoke of the power of blessing our sons with a blessing which proclaims that they are a child of the heavenly Father and that He is well pleased with them. This young family on the left was being dedicated to YAHUAH, with a special blessing to their youngest son, Othnel, whose name means "Hour of God". Obert the Father share two powerful sermons on His testimony of the love of the Father and Son and how his extended family is reacting to it.

Sermon The Blessing. On the last Sabbath of the camp meeting, the young men who are wanting to minister more fully were brought forward to receive a blessing as they entered their ministry. At the end of this blessing Pastor Ebens was lead to open up the call to ANYONE who would want to receive a blessing to come forward. The whole congregation came forward--people requested blessings in/for healing, married couples were blessed, children were brought before our heavenly Father, elderly people who had never received a blessing came forward. One elderly lady trotted past me in the outer aisle proclaiming, "I'm going to get my blessing-I'm going to get my blessing!" Everyone was blessed individually by name. The meeting ended at 2:30 p.m. but nobody cared.

George's Testimony--Receiving a Family Blessing


Throughout the week Pastor Ebens focused on the Divine Pattern of Source-Channel and the blessings of being under the covering of the Doctrine of the Father and Son. George's sermons on Tamar and Abigale provided complementary insights of covering and the headship outlined in 1 Corinthians 11. In addition Pastor Ebens shared that when a home needs to have the headship rearranged between husband and wife that a beautiful way to facilitate this is for the woman to ask her husband to pray over her and bless her. The fruit of these messages over the week was born in the last meeting of the Feast when during the praying for the outpouring of the spirit on each baptized person, the single women were "covered" by men from the assembly pledging to be a "corporate assembly member" covering for these ladies even after they left the camp meeting.


The Last Great Day
Pastor Ebens closed the feast with a heartfelt call for believers to combine the doctrines of feast keeping and the Father and Son. Rather than sharing multiple Scripture texts about the subjects, he encouraged the audience to say to their friends, "Come, Taste and See. He along with many of the participants had never experienced such an outpouring of the holy Spirit void any emotional buildup, or a feast camp meeting. It truly was a feast to remember. We invite any of you who have never received the feasts as a part of your worship experience to taste and see a festival experience next spring with Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

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