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Story of Redemption: A Great Movie!

Posted Aug 28, 2010 by Michael in Devotional - Blog
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The title of this blog may make you scratch your head, after all, isn't Story of Redemption a book? Well, let me explain...

Last Sabbath I was reading Story of Redemption (by Ellen White) as part of my morning devotions. I was up to chapter 58 (there are 69) I think, which was just before the end time events. I had slowly been reading through this book, reading little bits every morning for a while now. I was going to read one chapter only as usual, but I got hooked. When Ellen White started talking about the end time events, I couldn't put the book down.

I started to imagine the scenes that she was portraying, it was almost like a movie (hence the title of this blog). I saw the saints running to the hills, I saw them standing behind angels, in the form of men of war, who were fighting for them, I saw them prevailing against evil, I saw the swords of the wicked having effect of straw against the saints; I saw it all. In fact, not only did I see it, my body was giving me the signs that I was watching an actual movie. I started to go a bit cold, which is a sign of anxiety (this happens when I get involved in a movie's story).

I also gained a greater understanding of the last day events. I now understand more fully what the end of probation means. When we see the plagues, we know it has come; the devil's wrath is now unrestricted on the people who are unsealed. However the sealed people of God, will be calm and protected. I took comfort out of this, knowing that being calm and feeling right with the Lord will be a sign that our souls are sealed.

And of course, whenever I hear of the coming of Christ, I long to be there. Just to have all the troubles of this world pass away, and the see my Saviour. To finally gain entrance to my true home, for eternity! I could go on and on about my feelings about this, but moving on...

I gained a better understanding of what we, the saints, will do through the millennium. We will judge the lost with Christ, and decide every case against God's Word. I also received a better understanding of the judgement, the resurrection, and the second death. In fact, I never even knew there would be a coronation of Christ before the judgement. There were so many things I learnt about this period, how Satan would try to lead on an attack on the city, and how he would bow to Christ in the end. How the events in time would be played back to everyone present in a panorama. And how just before the lost are consumed, they will turn against Satan in demonic anger.

After all this, sin will be erased from the universe. We will live on the new earth, peacefully and happily in God's service. What a paradise this would be! I don't plan to miss that land, for "anything this world affords today" (From the hymn "I'd Rather Have Jesus").

Well, I finally put down the book and turned off the screen in my mind. I had solidly read from chapter 58 to 69 and finished the book, unable to put it down. What a movie to watch, what a thing to see! I would highly recommend watching it, whether you have or haven't done so already. 5 1/2 out of 5 stars from me!