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Submission Works

Posted Feb 24, 2010 by Harmina Tierney in General
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My story.

I knew in my heart when I watched Ham and the Rise of Worthlessness with Graham that I had found a message that I needed to share with my children. Although adults themselves now their lives had been damaged through a very difficult upbringing which involved abuse and the fruits were playing out in their lives. This message gave me hope for them under the channel of blessing. I have shared the message with them and although there has been little change as yet I and others pray for them and this gives them the chance they didn’t have before. One daughter is looking at the Identity Wars DVD’s. Praise God. My relationship with my children is slowly growing now that I have a message of hope and an approach that is more loving.

Graham has changed very much since he has learnt and accepted the messages that Adrian has been sharing with us. I can see in his life a dedicated Christian man, one who used to have problems with anger and commitment totally changed. Praise God for these blessings.

I have changed myself. Submission was one of the first challenges I had to face and learn. I wanted to do this but was having some difficulty particularly when I thought I was right and my husband was not. A wonderful thing happened, I am learning that when one of those situations happens I try not to react but give it to the Lord. A couple of weeks ago there was such a situation and I gave it to the Lord and asked Him to speak to my husband about the situation and He did. The next day my husband told me the Lord had spoken to him. Wow it really worked. The principal of submission works if we are willing to give it to the Lord and I am learning how to submit with God’s grace. It has been such a blessing to learn about the Father and Son relationship and how that reflects in our relationship

Thankyou Adrian for allowing the Lord to use you to bring us this truth.