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Testimony of Bradley Mock

Posted Jan 25, 2022 by Bradley Mock in Everlasting Gospel
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Thank you for the opportunity to share my testimony.

My name is Bradley Mock and I live in a small town in New York. I started reading the Bible at about 8 years old after being disappointed in life and coming to the conclusion that this world was not for me. I would read the Bible and not really understand it but with the hope of someday understanding it.

I had a hard upbringing which caused me to view God as a harsh punisher.

Around 16 years old I realized that Jesus Christ was the word of God/Son of God and that I needed to accept him as Lord and savior.

I remember telling God that if He showed me His truth I would follow it.

Being a young person with no guidance and just the Bible I didn't really know what to do. For a long time I would drink alcohol and smoke marijuana while reading the Bible. And though it would convict my heart I was using those things to cover pain.

I would go to church every Sunday, be the first one there be the first one to leave.

I would be attacked at night by evil spirits.

I would call in the name Jesus and He would protect me.

One time I was walking home through the projects (the ghetto) having taken a shortcut, and I was approached by a person who I knew was going to rob me. All of the sudden an army soldier appeared out of nowhere and walked me home. I believe he was an angel because they disappeared after I was safe.

God has done so much for me. One time we needed a new roof done on the house that we were working on and we didn't have the money to finish the roof because we had spent it. And then one day we show up to work on the house and there's a roofing crew putting on the new roof! The supervisor of the crew said, "We accidentally started this roof; we're supposed to be one block up the road and according to state law we have to finish it... You're not going to be charged anything and will be out of here as soon as possible" 

That's how Jesus Christ has been throughout my whole life always showing me he's real - always building my faith.

At the age of 28 years old I learned about the Sabbath and the Three Angels Message. I became completely immersed in present truth for the end times. Right around this time the Lord delivered me from drug use. And replaced it with balloon twisting.

The Lord had somebody ask me to twist balloons for a church event. I said "absolutely not," because I'm too manly to twist balloons. But they kept asking and so I decided to twist balloons for the Lord. I fell in love with balloon twisting. I introduced balloon twisting to my brother. And within about 7 years the Lord allowed us to get voted top 10 most influential in the whole world. So in 2020 being named top 10 most influential balloon twister in the world meant we had a lot of eyes on us all across the world.

Bradley is on the right. Look at the detail on the balloons!

I knew that the Lord had done that so that I could share the Three Angels Message with the balloon community which is largely Christian.

I started doing Bible study on Facebook for anybody that was interested in getting ready for the second coming in the balloon world. And people all over the world study the Bible with us because of balloons.

I don't have an education or technical ability and people were telling me to put the Bible studies on YouTube. And I didn't know how. So I prayed to the Father and said, "God, if you want this to go on YouTube you are going to have to do it cuz I don't know what to do." Within that week a lady from Belgium contacted me and said: "I would like to start a YouTube channel with your videos." I knew that the Lord was listening to my prayers.

In late 2020 I came across the book Wisdom of God by Adrian Ebens. I listened to that book probably 13 times. I had no idea that it was a series of books; I thought that was the only book. And then one day I came across Maranatha Media and I realized that this religious group was the one who did Wisdom of God and had all kinds of other publications and that they were also a Three Angels Message bearing organization.

So I began listening to every single audiobook I could get my hands on that they had. I would listen at work 8 to 10 hours every day. I listen to everything that's audio at least three or four times each, some over a dozen. I've read the books that aren't in audio. (Favorites include Fountain of Blessing and Agape)

The love of God he has completely changed the way I view God. It's completely changed the way that I read the Bible. And I take the principles found in these books and I share them with people on Facebook and in YouTube who are not in present truth. 

Bradley with balloon art footballer

For the past 6 months we've been putting videos twice a week on YouTube about how God's love destroys the Babylonian lies and causes us to trust God, saving us. 

Very thankful for Maranatha Media and the Father of Love movement. I feel like I have a church family that I'm very thankful for. 

I sincerely love you all

There's obviously a lot more to my testimony. I tried to squeeze this in before I got punched in for work.

Father bless you in every way

Note: Bradley does blessed Bible Studies.
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