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The Literal Gift of the Holy Spirit on the Sabbath

Posted Jan 30, 2017 by Adrian Ebens in The Sabbath
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I am currently updated the God's Last Message of Love Folder and have noticed something quite significant in how my understanding of the Sabbath has changed since understanding the outpouring of the Spirit of God during the Sabbath and the feasts and as documented explicitly in the booklet living bread from heaven

For those who are studying this carefully notice the difference in the following two editions of my notes on the Seal of God. 

God's Relationship Seal notes - 2005

God's Relationship Seal notes - 2017

Hopefully you will see how the toxic effects of spiritualism have worn off and the Sabbath moves from a symbolic day to remember God's creative power to a literal and direct gift of the Holy Spirit. 

How subtle is the effect of the Pentagon of Lies and the power of spiritualism to weaken and neutralise the power available to us in the Sabbaths of our Father. 

Now we can begin to appreciate the Sabbath more fully in these words

All heaven was represented to me as beholding and watching upon the Sabbath those who acknowledge the claims of the fourth commandment and are observing the Sabbath. Angels were marking their interest in, and high regard for, this divine institution. Those who sanctified the Lord God in their hearts by a strictly devotional frame of mind, and who sought to improve the sacred hours in keeping the Sabbath to the best of their ability, and to honor God by calling the Sabbath a delight--these the angels were specially blessing with light and health, and special strength was given them. 2T 704,705