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The Mystery of Iniquity and the Church

Posted Feb 17, 2012 by Oliver Saade in Family and Community
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This is a piece of a larger work I was impressed to share with you. I pray the grace of the Lord will be with us all as we consider these things.

The working of the mystery of Iniquity is this; when one removes himself out of the established order setup by God, something begins to work in him which if one was within that channel of blessing; the order setup by God, it will not arise. It is isolation from God and causes self to be lifted in the form of equality with God. Little wonder when the church began to lift itself up and plunged the world into darkness, God raised a prophetic people to bear His word and be the called out ones. And little wonder when we place ourselves willfully out of Gods now established order we will likewise have that mystery work in us where we begin to lift ourselves above everything God has placed in order and in effect seek to be like God, in terms of making our own decisions in contrast to Him hearing our cries and bringing deliverance through the prophetic ministry.

Little wonder how this is played out in our homes in children being disobedient to parents and yet we fail to see. Little wonder now that what began in heaven with Lucifer leaving his position in that order sought that which was not for him and coveted. And little wonder in the church, even as difficult as it is, each and every one of us who have been touched one way or the other by the trial of our times to want to set up their own tents instead of the tent of God which He Himself built. For this is how he is revealed and honored, when we do not take matters into our own hands but seek Him with all our heart, humble ourselves and pray and cry unto Him for deliverance from the spirit that now pervades the world.

Everything now in our time and ever that has been in relation to sin and iniquity is calculated to remove us from the channel of blessing and place us under the curse. And the foundation of that curse is in singularity –I; and then plurality –us, and not Thy will, even expressed in the Son of God who takes to give that we might be part of a corporate expression of the nature and character of God on this earth. Our response will be our test. Our trust in the Lord as Lord of our lives will be severely tested in this, whether our work will survive the fire, will be dependent on if we will likewise have our work done through our humanity and trust on that –an expression received through Satan, or have it found proceeding from the Lord. We cannot be to the nations what we must as a people if we ourselves cannot abide the fire that has held them bound and find ourselves on the other side where there is life. What shall be our word to them, will it be of the spirit or of the flesh? And if of the Spirit then we must come out by the hand of the Lord, not the arm of flesh, lest we lose our testimony of faith. If the Father will not save, then we must be ready to lose our lives.

The faith of  the saints is an unbroken continuum of that which is from above, and demonstrated here on earth in a people who have entered into oneness with God in the end of this age. And what we do with that will be tested individually and yet a corporate expression of that which is from above will be in the remnant here on earth, for we will wrestle with these things individually that we may enter in to a corporate expression of Gods purposes for his Church on earth, that now to the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God Ephesians 3:10. To say this is impossible and a trial will be to say the least, yet until we bear with one another in love and in patience and grapple with the issues with one another and enter into it together as a people who have contended with the issues in their own hearts and lives and amongst each other and emerged victorious as a living testimony of the living God in their mist, what shall be our word and our testimony to the lost as God's people and how shall we be called remnant.

The times in which we live requires another kind of people, a people who will be the bearers of the testimony of the Spirit in fullness and truth to the finish line. A people who have weighed the issues in the balance scales that comes from heaven that they themselves might be fitted and be readied for their place in the end time work. And the name of this people will not be given from the earth for it will be from the Father for they would have entered into the maturity of Sons. And the creation waits. These are hard and painful things to consider, yet we must be willing for these issues. And the more the impossibility the better for us that no flesh will glory. It is these hard things that are designed to unearth from our hearts that which we are able to do by our will into total trust and abandonment to the will of God and Father. It is not only sin that must be given up, but the will in the final analyses must through the abandonment of sin, be given and placed in its rightful place where we can be truly free to be sons and daughters that our word will again not be merely ours but His Word through us unto the world. It is then that the spirit of prophecy will come for it has entered once again into the reality in which it is to function. The earth waits for this resolve. Nothing makes the church the church than these which we will have to contend with. It is then that our speech and our preaching will be not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.

That which was once easy, now is difficult, and makes men tremble and fear for abandoning what they have so long held unto and which they have built their confidence in; their humanity. But we are called out, yet into this world, and when our sojourn is over we will be fitted again for the heavenly kingdom and we would once more find His will and purpose easy for they have become ours also being one with Him.