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The Observance of the Sabbath

Posted Feb 01, 2020 by Adrian Ebens in The Sabbath
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As we near the end of this world's history the Sabbath will become more and more special to us. It's importance and joy will continue to grow until through the Sabbath we will receive the fullness of the Spirit that produces perfection of character.

I am inviting the people of God who are walking with us on this journey of present truth to consider the counsel of the Spirit of Prophecy on the Observance of the Sabbath. It is written for people coming into an understanding of the Sabbath therefore some of its expressions are written in brass for a brass minded people but within its counsel there are beautiful sentiments that will help us for the days ahead.

I am asking the people of God to consider the contents of this counsel, to pray about and ask our Father how we shall implement these in a New Covenant context. There is counsel for all of us in its pages and we can come into a deeper Sabbath experience through receiving this counsel.

I have put this together as a booklet for your reference. May our Father bless you in abundance through our Lord Jesus as you consider this counsel.

observance of the Sabbath