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Thoughts on Pilgrim's Progress: Christiana

Posted Jul 08, 2010 by Michael in Devotional - Blog
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On Tuesday this week, I finished listening to the second part of Pilgrim's Progress, which is about Christiana. This time, the story pulled me in so much, I wanted to listen to it everyday. Therefore I completed it in four days.

I found this one to be more positive than the first part, as they had an easier journey and they had a guide who helped them through. I found myself liking it more for a number of reasons, the story was more positive, there were more men who didn't fail, and there were more characters. I actually found myself looking up to some of the great warriors in the story, and held Great-Heart as a hero. And once again, found myself feeling to almost be there with them.

I loved the battles, with the men attacking various giants. I found lots of meaning as usual, and I'm sure the next time I listen to it I'll get lots more out of it.

There were many great characters in the story, such as Old-Honest, Valiant (Valiant-For-Truth), Stand-Fast, and of course, Great-Heart. I really hope there will be people exactly like them in heaven, because I really look up to them, even though they don't exist to my knowledge.

As always, I wanted to be there in heaven at the grand entrance. I absolutely love the thought, that someday I will. In this section I understood what the river meant more clearly, it's the process of dying. Some will struggle through it, and others will welcome it.

Anyway, I much enjoyed this part and hope to listen to again sometime soon.