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Two Little Boys

Posted Jun 23, 2013 by John Penman in Testimonies and Stories
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This is a fiction story based on some true facts of my experience. The names used are not real. It is to be read some what like a parable to show the love we have for our fellow SDA brothers and sisters and that we cannot separate ourselves from them but reach out even amidst persecution. I hope the song of Two Little Boys at the end of this story can capture that thought.

It was so wonderful when I came into the true message of the Father and His son. My appreciation for the plan of salvation is so much deeper and I felt ashamed that it took fifty two years in the Seventh Day Adventist church to come across this truth and give up the false idea of the trinity. I just wanted to tell everyone so we could share this joy together. I started handing out literature and dvd’s to all my friends. It wasn’t long however when I realized just what sort of opposition I was going to face in my own church. Some people seemed interested at first but sooner rather than later I was face to face with our concerned conference president. It was strongly suggested I stop handing out material or it could spell the end of my beloved little church. I respectfully agreed to follow his counsel but felt a feeling of overwhelming oppression and sadness. I did have to say to him however that if someone asked me directly of my belief in the Godhead I would have to share what was in my heart.

I was fortunate to have a good friend called Joe who was still interested. We had grown up in the church together and had many fond memories of our days in pathfinders. All the camp meetings, learning to tie knots, singing round the camp fire, putting lizards in the girls sleeping bags and all that fun stuff. Oh the innocence of childhood, how I long to go back there.

Joe was now the head elder in our church and it wasn’t long before he started to grow a little cold to what I was sharing in confidence with him. He initially kept asking me to tell him more but then, silence. After a few weeks of this I confronted him and said Joe, what’s going on? His hostile response caught me totally off guard.  Look Jack if you think you have got it so right why don’t you go off and start you own church, just don’t call yourself a SDA. But this is my church Joe I can’t and won’t go anywhere else. Well you’re causing too much trouble here with your little god idea. You belittle Jesus by calling him Gods literal son and saying he fully died and couldn’t even raise himself from the dead. What sort of powerless god is that?

I was shocked. My head went off somewhere in vision. I saw all our church people in Old Testament times wandering around in the wilderness. The Promised Land was so close. A few wanted to go into it on their own but our leader couldn’t bear the thought of leaving anyone behind. A voice said, you must wait a little while, press together, do not split up.

I came back to reality and Joe’s angry face was still there in front of me. The thought of the pathfinder days came back into my head along with the tune of a little song. It was not a church hymn but it seemed to express the thoughts I was having best at that time. It was the song called Two Little Boys. I said out loud, Two Little Boys. “Two little boys, what are you talking about Jack? You have really lost the plot now.”

 I hung my head and turned slowly for tears were welling up in my eyes. I started singing just loud enough for him to hear as I slowly walked away.


Do you think I would leave you dying

When there's room on my horse for two

Climb up here, Joe we'll soon be flying

I can go just as fast with two

Can you feel Joe I'm all a tremble, perhaps it's the battles noise

But I think it’s that I remember when we were two little boys