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Union of Israel with Moab - urgent warning

Posted Oct 01, 2016 by Tina Simon in Testimonies and Stories
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I am sharing this urgent warning with all of you because I have had an horrible experience of the consequences of uniting myself with the things of Moab (Christian music not inspired by God)

I can't remember the exact day but it was a while ago, a few weeks if not months I saw a Christian music video on FB shared by a sister.  I CLICKED on it without praying to see if this video perhaps was a snare.  What a lovely song I thought to myself, the melody was uplifting, the words echoed truth to my ears....It was all about Jesus.

I was warned, .I knew the danger of listening to music or watching movies not inspired by the true God can be dangerous for the soul...I chose not to listen.  I liked the song, it made me feel good and even tears of joy were felt while listening to the particular song.  I told myself "I'm more powerful than a song and it will not harm me spiitually because I'm been careful"  what a irony....I had convinced myself that I was careful however the fact that I was listening to this song was proof that it was not true.  

This song gave me a feeling of euphria and now looking back my imagination was vain, day dreaming while listening to the song of me being the singer and being center staged while all who listened was in awe by my performance.  Vanity and pride was sneaking in and I was blind to it.

Slowly my personality was changing, I was more aloof,  and desired less to fellowship with my brothers and sisters. No longer I was reading the Word of God and prayers were impossible for me to do anymore.  I was becoming a robot, even though I was trying to reach out to God my heart was rejecting Him.  

My heart was becoming dark and full of negativity,  I could not cross the path of anyone without judging him/her in my heart.  I had become the accuser of my brethren.  

To be honest, I felt the Spirit of God being witdrawn day by day while the spirit of the enemy was engulfing my mind.   I could not shake off any ill feelings towards others and often these feelings were not provoke.  My interests was from the Word of God and turned to nonsense and deceptions.  I could not hear the small still voice of God anymore, or it was very dim.   I knew I gotten myself in trouble and I wanted the horrible experience to go away.  One day not to long ago I was still in my room, with my eyes closed I said "Father please help me" I started to weep.    I heard so faintly, ask your brothers and sisters to pray for you"   I remember in a robotic manner going to my FB page and asking for prayers but my heart felt no urgency like if my faith was vanishing away, a sensation that "if the prayers work then good, if not then so be it" 

My mind was being attacked I could feel it, I just knew it.    Soon after I can hear the voice of God saying "ask for prayers Tina"   I reached out to one person privately and ask for prayers which he agreed to pray for me.  

About a week ago, I regained strength to actually go on my knees and ask God to help and why this was going on.  Why the attacks? why the dark negative thoughts plaguing my mind?   Clearly our lovely Father said through Jesus...."The song you have on your youtube channel (and He brought the song into my rememberance due that I had not listened to it for a while and had forgotten that it was on a playlist. ) you need to remove it now, the door is open to the enemy.   I got on Youtube, went to my channel and removed the song, within an hour  all changed and the attacked ceased.  As I felt the Spirit of God being withdrawn when I first open that door with that song, I felt the enemy being expelled once I removed the song.  This my brothers and sisters is a true story and the storm has been over for about a week now, I feel that I have all my bearings and have a sound mind once again.  

I pray that my own experience can be a warning to all who might not always be thinking of reaching out to Father because listening to any music, listening to any movies or programs, to reading any books, magazines, panphlets, audio books etc... We know Satan has a very short time, and he knows it too and we are in danger. 

Let's all seek our Father for safety always.


God bless you all