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Visit to Healesville Sanctuary

Posted Nov 27, 2010 by Michael in Testimonies and Stories
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Yesterday Dad and I took a trip to Healesville Sanctuary, which is a wild life park located around Melbourne. We had a wonderful time, so I thought I'd write a blog and share it with you.

Probably the first thing we saw were some Emus, they're funny looking creatures, and rather big for a bird. We then saw some adorable dingo pups, they had recently arrived so far as I know. While we were waiting around for the keeper to come and feed the wombat, we encoutered a very angry bird in an enclosure on one side of the walk way. He was taking nips at our shoes, and clearly didn't enjoy our company. Some people told us that a bunch of kids had just come by, so he was a bit startled, which just adds to the fact that the birds were breeding. Anyway, the keeper soon came and fed the wombat with some nice looking corn. It was nice to see a wombat up close for the first time in quite a while. The keeper talked about how the wombat has a big, very hard plate on it's rear end to protect it from predators while it's digging, which I thought was very interesting. The wombat is certainly a very well thought out creation on the part of our creator, as are all His creatures.

The wombat getting fed.

We went to the kangaroo show, where the there were some very friendly kangaroos around. Everyone was given some food to give the kangaroos. When one of them came to me to me, he/she grabbed on to my hand rather tightly with his/her claws, obviously a hungry fellow. I also got to pat the kangaroos a few times, which was enjoyable.

Two of the kangaroos. Cute aren't they?

My favorite part of the visit was the birds of prey show. They had a whole bunch of amazing birds in the show, some of them very large, such as the wedge tailed eagle. The wedge tailed eagle they had there was 40 years old, had been at the park for 36 years, and had been working in these shows for about 20 years; that's pretty old for a bird. Some of the stunts that the birds could perform were amazing, some could catch food in mid air really well, others could catch things on the ground really well; it was great to see. The wedge tailed eagle flew straight by my head at one time, actually touching me a bit, which was an interesting experience (lol).

One of the birds of prey, I think it might be the wedge tailed eagle.

After the eagle show ended we took a look at the platypuses. This was my first time seeing a platypus in good detail, which was a big event. The platypus is a truly a remarkable animal, designed by a remarkable creator. We looked at a number of birds, such as cockatoos, parrots, and cookaburras. It was really amazing when we were looking at a Kookaburra, Dad said "Sing for me my friend" and immediately the cookaburra started singing. We also got to see what I believe is Victoria's only rock wallaby, which is something very special.

What I believe is Victoria's only rock wallaby.

I really felt the Lord's blessing all through our visit to the park. I felt such a joy walking through it, looking at all the animals. Many happy memories flowed into my mind. It was such a blessing, for which I thank the Lord.

Anyway, that's about it, just thought I'd share that with you.