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What is the divine model for human relationships?

Posted Apr 23, 2011 by Bobby B in General
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Just ran across this article about how the intra-Trinitarian relationships are the divine model for human relationships.  Although the article is glaringly Tritheistic, it should be of interest to some, as it raises some interesting questions.  This article was probably intended as supportive evidence in favor of the issue of the ordination of women during the 1995 G.C. session the same year.  The following is a sample quote from the article:

In  summary, Jesus demonstrated the principles by which members of the Godhead relate to Each Other—mutual consultation, cooperation, delega­tion of powers, and empowerment.  Jesus went a step further by stating that the love and unity within the Godhead is the model for suc­cessful human relationships:  ".  .  .  that  they may  be one, even as we are one."

How do members of the Godhead relate to One Another?  Does this apply to human beings  BY BEATRICE S. NEALL