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Who is on the Lord's Side?

Posted Oct 09, 2022 by Adrian Ebens in General
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Dear Brethren, I write to you in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a movement we have been bathed in great light. Some receive the light deep into their souls while others spring up with an excitement for the truth but they refuse to surrender fully to the Spirit of God.

The standard of God's righteousness is His law. The object of our message is to write this law upon our hearts. The beauty of the gentleness of the character of God has led some to the false position that God's mercy erases their bold defiance against the word of God. This relates especially to the commandment regarding divorce and remarriage at the present time. There are some attached to this movement who carelessly spiritualize Christ's words about the marriage relation. If a person commits adultery, divorces their partner then the Bible does not provide for them a place to remarry. The cry arises why is such a person consigned to perpetual punishment? Such a question reveals the truth that the truth of God's character has not been allowed to enter the heart. Those who divorce their partners develop the principle of giving up a relationship that was forever. Once you give up a relationship, you will be more easily moved to give up any relationship that opposes your desires. Such persons will become a snare to themselves and to the people of God. Do not deceive yourself with the notion that our Father will ignore the actions of those who enter into a relationship that is not sanctioned by heaven. To such I say, you are placing your feet in the fire. It is true that God forgives all transgression and sin but the sinner who openly sins in the light of God's mercy will not be able to forgive him or herself and will give up the hope of eternal life to become the slave of Satan.

To those who have given themselves to support those who have entered into unbiblical relationships, I say to you that you have put a knife to the throat of your friend and prepared them for destruction. You have facilitated a breach into the camp of the saints which will lead to great sorrow and possible loss of salvation. God's commandments are our protection. For those who waver on the seventh commandment, you are playing Russian Roulette with your souls. Repent and come back to the light. The words of inspiration tell us

How great and widespread must be the power of the prince of evil, which can be subdued only by the mighty power of the Spirit. Disloyalty to God, transgression in every form, has spread over our world. Those who would preserve their allegiance to God, who are active in His service, become the mark of every shaft and weapon of hell. If those who have had great light have not corresponding faith and obedience, they soon become leavened with the prevailing apostasy; another spirit controls them. While they have been exalted to heaven in point of opportunities and privileges, they are in a worse condition than the most zealous advocates of error. . . . {CTr 306.3}

The violation of the seventh commandment has a twin sister in deceit and twisting of the truth. Speaking half truths and passing them off as the truth. Let your Yes be Yes and your no be no. There is a growing spirit amongst God's people of suppressing, hiding and concealing sin. A spirit that works in darkness to condemn the innocent in order to justify iniquity. Every word you speak you will give account thereof in the day when we all look upon the face of Jesus who suffered so much for us.

Soon this message will burst forth with the blaze of day and all those who are hiding in the shadows will no longer have a place to hide. Repent now and come into the light or Satan will rule your heart until death.

Brothers and sisters, prepare for landing. The sins amongst our movement are about to fully come home to roost and the sinners in Zion will be sifted out.

On a third front we have the continual temptation to feel ourselves rich and increased with goods because we have superior truth. This leads some to despise others whom they judge to be inferior to themselves. This proud spirit is in process of dividing our movement and will potentially place many of our workers in great distress and trial. Christ alone is our righteousness. The kingdom of heaven is not food and drink but the grace of Christ alone is our salvation.

Awake to righteousness, look not every man at the speck in his brother's eye but attend to the log in our own eyes.

There are plenty who have things to confess before Tabernacles. Make the confession now before Jesus and those you have crushed in your conceit.

To those who have ears to hear let him hear. To those who refuse, I patiently receive your condemnation of this message. As you judge, you will be judged. Come into the light brethren and walk with us. Here are they that keep ALL the commandments of God by the faith of Jesus. Our Father and Saviour love you.

One final thing we must consider with this question. What if I was divorced and remarried before I came to Christ? At the heart of this question is the principle - Am I sinning against something I know is part of God's law. If a person does not know the commandments and they divorce and remarry then they are not rebelling against God and His commandments. When a person then accepts Christ, Christ takes them from that point and forgives the sin of divorce and remarriage as a sin of ignorance. But for someone who walks with Christ and knows His commandments and knows the 7th commandment about divorce, they are rebelling against what they know to be the truth. To sin against your conscience in such matters is extremely dangerous. God's mercy is always there for us but we must pass our own judgment against ourselves according to what we knew. Let us walk in the light as He is in the light.