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Yehovah Versus Chronos

Posted Sep 12, 2020 by Adrian Ebens in The Father
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Transcript - Steamed live on 30 May 2020

(Commences at 23:14)

I was just last night, as we are entering into the Sabbath hours and knowing that we are on the anniversary of the giving of the Ten Commandments.  That’s what Pentecost is about, isn’t it.  Giving of God’s commandments.  Fifty days from the crossing of the Red Sea until the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai.  That was fifty days.  We might look at that in another study.  So tonight, we are entering into a 24 hour period where God can speak the Law into our souls.  Do you want the Law of God to be spoken into your soul?  To be written in your heart with His Spirit, as Ruben pointed out, in greater measure?  And, of course, we are in the double portion today and then we get even more tomorrow.  For those who are thirsty, for those who are hungry for righteousness.

I do have some things that I would like to share tomorrow.  The good thing about Passover has been, since Passover and the outpouring of the Spirit, the Lord has taken me through a number of experiences that has taught me many things and has made me realise my great need of my Father in heaven and my Saviour and that’s a good thing, isn’t it?  To recognise your need.  To recognise that you need more grace and you need more of the Spirit of God.  And even, just a couple of days ago, the Lord just showed me just how much of my past is laid down in Satan’s kingdom.  By the age of 21, the culture we live in is such a culture of death, of competition, of conflict and war.  And all this is laid down in us whether we like it or not.  I’ll mention more of that tomorrow.

I watched with great sadness, and I wondered, I suppose thinking on what Ruben said, I wondered what was going through that policeman’s mind as he has his knee on that man’s neck.  I’m going, “Buddy, you know, what did he do to you?”  Like, ten minutes with his knee on his neck, like “what are you thinking?”.  What is he struggling with, what is he wrestling with?  And now all this commotion has come about and other deaths have taken place as a result, great warfare taking place.  As Kevin said, there is a lot of unrest in the United States of America.  A lot of sad things are about to unfold.  It can make our hearts very afraid.

I continue to receive lots of messages from people sending me information of all the death and destruction that awaits us and, I’m like, I just want to talk to my Father.  I know, I’ve read the book of Revelation and I know what’s coming.  So, knowing how fast it’s going to come and how much it is going to hurt doesn’t change the fact that I need to focus on my Father and His Only Begotten Son so that, when these things do come, I am anchored.  I have an anchor that will hold because my mind is focussed on God’s love and God’s protection.  I don’t know about you, but Satan regularly seeks to bring up pictures before my mind about things that could happen.  Like, in Victoria, the school in Victoria is declared as a COVID-19 case, children can’t go home, children are taken into motels.  They can’t go home to their parents.  You did not hear this?  That’s what the impression we got.  No, no, they have got to be quarantined.  People are being tested.  We heard of Carlos’s uncle, a dear uncle of his had COVID-19 and died.  Whether he died of COVID-19?  But he had it and therefore because he had it, he was deemed to have it and died alone, without his family, without anyone there.

It is easy to conjure up pictures of what might happen to us and our families and Satan wants to cause you grief and make you think of all the possible terrible things that could happen.  As a man “thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

If you vibrate at that frequency, you will attract those things.  So it was just some thoughts that I had.  And it's not that we want to isolate ourselves from the pain of others, but we want to be able to obtain strength from God to be empathetic and care for others so that we're not exhausted by the challenges that are before us.

I wanted to share a few things to carry on a little bit from Ruben what he said this this morning in terms of moving out.  We are debtors to the world for the beautiful message that we have received.  And amongst other things, our brother Kevin over there in Maine, has started to prepare some tracts.  He's been working on a few tracts.  This is a little tract called Is This God's Anger.  We've got a few over there, Ruben, you might want to hand those out.  It's on the website, if you go to the website, I can show it to you.  We will bring it up.  I'll bring it up on that.  Just juggling here brethren.  You see the first little thing, there is books by date Is This God's Anger.  You can download this, you can print it out and this is a little introductory brochure to introduce the book Acts of Our Gentle God.  So you click on that.  It's just a two page thing that so we put together and you can also download it in US on letter format.  This is an A4 format.  So that if you want to print out some things and leave them somewhere or hand them to people or put them in a few letter boxes when you're heading somewhere, what would it hurt.  Just even if you printed out ten and just left a few there and send a prayer with each one, what a blessing that would be.

So we're working on some more of these.  Kevin's got a few others in the pipeline just taking up excerpts from some of the books and if you've been blessed by some of the books, you might do the same.  Just take an excerpt from one of the books and put something together and on the back it's just got, “You have been reading an excerpt from of the book Acts of Our Gentle God.  Download the entire book for free at Father of”.  So we will work on putting what they call a QR code on the back so then they can take their phone and just scan it and bang up comes the book and you can listen to the audiobook.  So we're very, very thankful for this.

So they are just some of the things I wanted to show you.  We'll go back to the screen.  This is Father of Love in German, and Austrian by the way for the uninitiated, and you just set up this website and here are a number of the books that they're connecting there.  They've put up some brochures together and they're going to be handing these to people and inviting them to come, they can have a book free from this website and you can see a number of very familiar titles there as well as some of the Great Controversy and other Spirit of Prophecy books that are available there and an effort to reach out to those around them.  Jutta and Timon assisting her.  They've put this together so I thought I'd show you that.  We are working to integrate a similar type of thing into the Father of Love website to do a similar thing with that where we are going to follow a similar program.  We will offer a book freely to people and then they can purchase.  As we said, some of the like the larger books will have a price attached.  The ones that are 56 pages or less we want to commit to give them away freely to everyone and God will provide.

I just want to take a moment to thank our Father in Heaven when we think about what is unfolding and, as I was saying to Craig Jones yesterday, one of our dear friends, that I knew that if we lay the foundation firmly it would take longer for it to grow but if it was laid firmly and correctly, it would then start to accelerate at a much greater rate.  We are starting to see that acceleration as other people are beginning to comprehend the message.  In the month of May, we've had 23 or 24 new books in different languages come out accelerating.  People are starting to become more creative in their desires.  Just this morning I was briefly chatting with Aiena in Kazakhstan and she's just rejoicing at this message.  She's been reading Sabbath Fountain and loving it along with the Identity message and everything like that.  They are thrilled, her and her husband, with this message and that made me rejoice.  It gives me tremendous joy when I hear these things and she is translating some of our books into Russian.

Put a little something on the tracts and what do you know.  We can find different ways to hand these to people.  I think with the current - I'm finding I don't know about you, but if I go for a walk, I get the sense that people are wanting to connect a little bit more.  They're feeling a bit isolated.  We have opportunities to provide materials to people and I am very, very, very, very confident that from Pentecost, because what happens after Pentecost in the story, what happened to God's people?  They went out with great power.  God gave them power and they had a wonderful message to share.  Don't we have a wonderful message to share that our Father is harmless, our Father does not condemn, our Father does not judge in the negative, His judgment is mercy, His judgment is forgiveness, His judgment is give them another year.  “Don't, not yet, hold on, hold on.”  That is our Fathers judgment and what a wonderful Father we serve.  I'm eager to share this so before we start I would like to pray and then we will begin.

Father in Heaven, we just thank You for this Sabbath.  We thank You that your Son is resting in Your arms and the rest that He experiences is our gift.  We receive that gift and as Lord Jesus, You dwell on the bosom of the Father, we therefore dwell in Him through You.  We are accepted in the beloved.  We thank You for the forgiveness of our sins.  We're sorry for the pain we have caused You.  We pray that You would forgive us and we believe that You will, that You would give us grace to be Your children fully and completely and that we can be a blessing to all those around us.  We thank You in Jesus name.  Amen

I was mentioning on Wednesday night, we had quite a good response to our presentation on Wednesday night, and we were looking at the first article out of this book that Danny helped to assemble.  It has a number of my articles, foundational articles of Father and Son [Father and Son Foundational Articles] and I just looked at the very first article and what a Bible study that generated.  It was one of the questions I was trying to wrestle through in my mind and other people, like Morris, have said to me, yes I've wondered the same thing.  How can Jesus be eternal and begotten?  How does this fit together?  It generated quite an interesting discussion and I just want to do a little bit of revision on this.

So if you remember, I was talking about, on Wednesday night, the concept and we're moving backwards where we have a dividing line between time and eternity and how, that one of the reasons why, and many people have said this to me and it's something that I struggled with, the reason why Jesus cannot be begotten of the Father at some point in eternity is because instinctively, when we talk about a point in eternity, our minds immediately draw a line to that point, don’t we.  Then we imagine time without Jesus Christ and that's just, that's anathema.  It’s just no, He's eternal, He is Almighty God and this really does your head in, it certainly did my head in.  I thought no, no, no, never realizing that this distance from this point between time and eternity, this drawing of this line is the definition of blasphemy.  To enter into that which is not revealed to us.  That which is revealed is for us and our children but the things that are not revealed are not for us to draw lines to and imagine things that God has not given to us but we do it instinctively.

But we remember that the Hebrew word used to describe as it says, “I was set up from everlasting” Proverbs 8: 22-30.  “I was set up from everlasting”.  The word in Hebrew is OLAM and this means a place that is beyond the vanishing point, it's time out of mind, it's not something that you can see.  So if we would be true to scripture, when Jesus says “that I was brought forth from everlasting” and did Jesus say this?  Read Patriarchs and Prophets, the scripture itself, wisdom said “I was set up from everlasting” and who does Paul say that wisdom is?  Christ is made unto you wisdom.  The Bible itself, using Miller's rules, will tell you who it is and Ellen White confirms that Christ says, concerning himself, Patriarchs and Prophets, page 34 that “I was set up from everlasting”.  So if we would be true to the biblical definition of eternity, then we our minds stop at this point (the dividing line between eternity and time) and we cannot grasp what is back there.  We do not understand it.  We do not comprehend it so that, when Christ comes through this curtain to us, He comes from eternity, “I was set up from eternity”.  In this area that you have no comprehension of, I was set up in that realm and I come forth to you with the pedigree of eternity because that's where I was. So what we did, the big thing that we did, is that we indicated, and we're laying down some of the principles that we have been learning in terms of Identity Wars which is relationship as opposed to performance, and that is that Christ has an origin but he does not have a beginning.

Origins speaks of relationships, beginning speaks of what?  Something inherent to yourself, your beginning when did you begin, when did you start.  So it's a performance indicator.  Relationship -- Origin.  Who did you come from?  Performance -- Beginning.  When did you begin?

[Audience] Jesus says I AM the beginning.  The Alpha and the Omega.  I didn’t start in the beginning, I am the beginning.

I didn't start in the beginning.  I don't owe my life to the beginning and we will want to talk a little bit more about this.  It's interesting, and I can't remember who I was talking to this about, but a number of us were talking about this, but Adam, do we know when Adam began?  Do we?  We don't have a date.  There is no date.  We don't know when Adam began because he was born in eternity, before time began.  When did time begin?  From the fall of man, in the beginning.

[Audience]  So does that mean when Adam was born, he was in eternity?  That’s his start point.

This is interesting in terms of what is eternity?  Because when we think of eternity, we think that (<-------- ie a line going backwards through time).  We think of it as time.  What is eternity?  Let me explain it to you this way.  Threescore and ten approximates what the Bible tells us and if you get more than that, it's a bonus.  Which means that if you have 70-80 years of life, that means you have a limited resource.  When you have a limited resource and that resource becomes more and more limited, what happens to its value?  It becomes much more prominent in your thinking, doesn't it?  Supply and demand.  So because we have a limited resource of time and the closer we come to the end of that resource its value goes up tremendously, it becomes significant to us.  But when Adam was born, was he born with a statement that he was going to last 80 years, a hundred years, a thousand years, a billion years?  So how prominent is time in Adam’s thinking?  It has no value at all.  Nothing.  It's completely irrelevant because it is everywhere, like the grass, everywhere.

This is the difference between time and eternity.  Eternity places you in a position where time has no relevance.  There is a forward sense of motion, of us moving together through time and space which has the elements of time but time itself has no value, no meaning because it's irrelevant, it's not in short supply and this is what I'm talking about Adam being born in eternity.

[Audience]  It’s not until after the fall that we are introduced to his actual age.

When he fell, then we learn about his age.  He was 930 years from when?  The fall.  That's when we started to count years.  Why would you count years if you were living forever.  What's the purpose in counting years?  There is no purpose to it.  The Father is Ancient of Days.  Why doesn't He tell us He's a hundred and fifty trillion billion million?  Why didn't He tell us?  Because it's not relevant.  It doesn't matter and the point I'm making is it's a different value system.

Eternity is a relational value system and this is why I wrote this article called When When Becomes Whenever.  When you are in love with someone or when you earn sweet fellowship with a group of people, the clock goes crazy.  It just goes flat out, it loses its mind, time is overthrown, its dethroned because the relationship changes the perception of time.  Do you see what I'm saying.  So I'm thinking about time and eternity as experiences.  Eternity is the new covenant, time is the old.  Eternity is life everlasting, time is death.

[Audience]  It’s interesting that you’ve originally drawn it like a dispensational drawing.  Because that’s how it’s presented.  The same way with the covenants in dispensational …

Yes, because we are responding to this (<-------- ie a line going backwards through time).    Eternity is present with us, isn't it?

I spoke to my father the other day.  My father's having trouble.  He's got really painful shoulders because he's got swelling and it's really hard for him to walk and he's talking to me about, “I can't do anything anymore, it's just too hard and I used to be able to do this and I used to be able to do this.” I said, “Dad, in a few years you're gonna do all that and a hundred thousand times more.  It's gonna come back to you.  Look forward, don't look backwards because if you're thinking about time running out, I mean, in the twinkling of an eye - to close your eyes and boom boom, there it is, just like that.

So if you have eternal life, now, then you can dwell in the moment of time, in its fullness, without anxiety.  If you're running out of time and you're not sure that you have eternal life, you must work hard, you must work furiously, you must work flat out because you're running out of time.  You have a limited commodity of time and you must do and achieve great things before you die.  But, if you have eternal life, you can be present in the moment.  You can live it in its fullness, you can enjoy it, all of it because you will live forever.  Will you live forever?  It's a test, isn't it?  This is the test.  If you have the assurance of eternal life, you are dwelling in eternity.  If you're uncertain of your salvation, you're living in time and you're running out of it.  It's moving away from you.

We have all these milestones where time challenges us.  I have a limited amount of time with my parents on this earth.  I'm running out of time.  If I could know that they would live forever, I wouldn't be concerned.  The time is challenging me.  Time is in fact the Grim Reaper, isn't he?  The Reaper.

[Audience]  The Devil has the power over death through his control of time.  So, because time is related to death and it’s a destroyer of relationships, there is a separation.  Whereas the Father and the Son were never separated.

Time is the destroyer of everything.  When we look, and I want to take you, let's have a look at it.  I've titled this presentation Chronos vs Yehovah.  Before Yehovah’s awful throne.  Perfect.  So I want to show you a little bit, let's come to Chronos.  We'll just have a little bit of a look at what Wikipedia says “Chronos is the personification of time.”  It is a Greek mythology.  “Chronos already was confused with, or perhaps consciously identified with, the Titan Cronus”, different spelling, same pronunciation, the Titans were different to the Olympians but they had similar.  “The identification became more widespread during the Renaissance, giving rise to the allegory of ‘Father Time’ wielding the harvesting scythe.”  He is the great harvester.  Here you have a picture of Chronos clipping the wings of Cupid.  What does that suggest?  That love is going to be cut down.  We have other pictures of him.

Here is Chronos with his son in a very awkward position with his scythe.  He is the Great Destroyer of all as we just said because time destroys everything.  Through death everything comes to an end.  We see that, “he was depicted in the Greco-Roman mosaics as a man turning the Zodiac Wheel.  Chronos might also be contrasted with the deity Aion as cyclical Time.”  That's interesting and yet, at the same time, he has this same name of Aion.  What does it say of Chronos, he is self-created, no one created him.  He was born.  He is uncreated by anyone.

Interesting he has a long beard, a wise old man.  It's interesting in Greek mythology the character Chronos is understood to be an allegory of the effect of time, destroying his children, and from which we hear the term, “the ravages of time”, (have you heard that?  What are the ravages of time?) that destroys all things.  Chronos is the Great destroyer.

[Audience]  There is a saying, like a fundamental principle of Buddhism that nothing is permanent.

Nothing is permanent, the impermanence of everything.  It's interesting that in the Orphic tradition Chronos gave birth to Phanes who was the creator of the cosmos.  So Chronos has a son who creates all things.  These mythologies go in different directions and they have different meanings.

Now what is interesting, and I don't know if it's here, we have the story of Chronos in the Titan tradition.  “In addition to the name, the story of Cronus eating his children was also interpreted as an allegory to a specific aspect of time held within Cronos’ sphere of influence.”  Because he destroys his children.  This is the allegory.  This is the picture.  It's interesting, this is all related to Chronos.

[Audience]  Chronos creates and at the same time destroys.

I create and I destroy.  This is very interesting.  So time is the creator of everything.  Everybody owes their existence to time.  But that only works in that system, in this system, when you are probing a timeline ad infinitum.  And you must have death at the core of it for all these things to take place.

If we come over to Greek mythology and notice this, look at what it says, how clear.  “Chronos is the personification of time in Greek mythology.  He was considered to have the shape of a three-headed serpent.”  Who is Chronos?

[Audience]  Three identifications in one being.  Oh wow.

Are you connecting dots?  Is it not obvious?  “The heads were those of a man, a bull and a lion.”  Oh, they're familiar, it's missing the one of the eagle.  “Along with his daughter Ananke, the goddess of inevitability (fate) who was also in the form of a snake, he revolved around primordial world egg until they split apart to form the earth, the sea and the sky.  According to the Orphic cult, Chronos gave birth to Aether and Chaos.”

[Audience]  So that's kind of they're all attributes coming from one identity.

This is interesting history isn't it?  Chronos.  Do you think that Paul had any awareness of these traditions?  I think he did.  I want us to turn in the scriptures where Paul, and I specifically want to make reference to Paul because I'm sure that he was aware of some of these things.  I'm uncertain as to John when he spoke about the Logos if he was seeking to include because the Logos in Greek thought is quite significant.  But Chronos is mentioned a number of times by Paul in Scripture and we looked at this the other night, on Wednesday night.   Second Timothy 1: 9 with all that we've just talked about and given consideration to, I thought this would be, and I want you to remember that Chronos has an alter ego which it says was Aion.  Again, because these are personality traits, they can be separate but they can be amalgamated as well, depending on what tradition that you are following.

So when we look at, and I can bring this up in with the Greek where it says of Christ, we'll just go for the King James first, “who has saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.”  What is it in the Greek that he says here, there was given us in Christ Jesus before?  Chronos.  And what's the next word?  Aion.  Before Chronos Aion.  What is Paul saying to the Greeks in saying that statement?  He's greater than Chronos, he's before Chronos, he's before Aion.  Yes, before time began.  Or because it's the word, as it says here, “perpetual”, before the introduction of the principle of perpetual time.

This is a really big thing, this is really big thing.  The grace that was given us in Christ before the concept of perpetual time, time going on forever.  Time going on forever means death going on forever and these are important principles that we need to understand.  So if we look at the Young’s Living Translation, it's interesting here it says, “that was given to us in Christ Jesus, before the times of the ages”.  Before the times of the ages or, if we have a look at the NIV, “before the beginning of time”.  That's a good translation.  “Given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time”.  Very interesting.

So let's have a look at other expressions that Paul uses and we look at Titus.  Why do you think Titus was named Titus?  The Titans?  He's a Greek.  Titus 1: 2, “in hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time”.  That's the NIV.  We'll look at the King James, “promised”.  Eternal life was promised to us before Chronos Aion.  The same except he said it the other way beyond Aion Chronos.  Before perpetual time, God made a promise of the hope of eternal life which is eternity.  He offered us an eternal experience where time had no value because death did not exist and this was promised to us before time came into man's consciousness.

[Audience]  Question - when did Satan start living in time?  Was it after Adam or was it when he sinned in heaven?

I don't have any reference point for that.

[Audience]  We understand the context of Adam’s experience which is, as soon as he knew he was going to die then it became something real for him.  Satan’s been on a growing journey, so for him death meant no significance to him at all.

And again, we can guess but obviously it's having some effect on him because it's being manifested through humanity.  His angst about time is manifested through us.  It's a good question, can't say for sure but I have a quote that I think is relevant to this which we'll get to a little bit later.

But again, in hope of eternal life which God, that cannot lie, has promised before the concept of perpetual time.  I really think that Paul is trying to speak to us here.  Of course, there is the surface level reading of this text, but I think it's much deeper than this that he's trying to speak to us.  When I looked, I looked through all the Bible, I went through the Old Testament Greek, Old Testament understanding, and I wasn't getting the connections to a possibly a deeper level of understanding to time in any of the other references.  But when I read Paul, I'm saying, wow, you can read this at a whole different level and because of the way he structured it, because the way he's worded it.

Now come back to 2 Timothy 1 and we looked at verse 9 and then we look at verse 10.   “But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.”  Christ has already abolished death.  If Christ has abolished death then time instantly loses its relevance to you.  Doesn't it?  If you are absolutely confident of eternal life in Christ Jesus, time loses its relevance to you and you have entered into the essence of eternity.

[Audience] Abolished death and replaced it with sleep.  You are just going to sleep.

Sleep, you cheat time, you defeat time when you're sleeping.  You have power over time because it's in a twinkling of an eye.  You have cheated time.

[Audience]  Because Chronos cannot destroy you and keep you in the grave because Christ brings you back out. 

Chronos cannot keep you in the grave because Christ brings you out defeating him.

[Audience]  Through baptism, you can have that life now.  He who has the Son, has life.

You have life.  So this is why, we've read this before, when Moses, who was the first man to be raised from the dead, Satan was awakened to the reality that his throne, Chronos, the throne that he ruled, was defeated in the raising of Moses.  It was a shock to him to realize that people who were dead could be raised and his power was not ultimate.  Satan, up until that point, was convinced, as long as he could get people into the ground, he controlled them, he ruled them, and they never would come out.  But when Moses came forth from the dead, there was a shudder that went through Satan's Kingdom when he realized not everybody in the ground is going to stay there.  Some of them are going to cheat time and cheat death, to get what he can't have anymore.  So it doesn't say Christ will abolish death, it says Christ has abolished death.

It's true that it says in Revelation that death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.  So if death is cast into the lake of fire, is that not a personification of death.  And if it's a personification of something then it's a principle that exists within the human mind which is destroyed.  How is it destroyed?  By the assurance.  By us taking hold of the promises of Christ, “I am the resurrection and the life”.  If you take hold of that principle, death no longer has power over you.  This is the thing that our whole world trembles and it bows to the power of the beast, and the beast is definitely involved in what's taking place at the present time in regard to COVID-19.  It is the fear of death that is driving people.  It is the fear of death that is causing people to be afraid for the future.  But if we have life in Christ and we have the assurance of eternal life, these things do not concern us in the least.  We are not diverted in the least from that which God has called us to do.  Are we?  We move straight on with what God has called us to do without diverting one millimetre from the course that God has given to us because, if for whatever reason we should be called to lay down our life, what of it?  If you have eternal life, you have the better experience, don't you?  What of it.

But if you are afraid of death and time and Chronos still rules, he controls your mind, he influences your thoughts, your decisions.  He knows when you've been naughty and he knows when you've been nice and he's making a list and he's coming to get you.  He's a man with a beard.  So I want to look at a few more verses here.

[Audience]  He has an appointed time to give you what you deserve.

Yes.  An appointed time to receive judgement.  Time.

Galatians is interesting.  I was looking at Galatians 4.  Galatians 4: 4 is interesting.  “But when the fullness of Chronos was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law”.  This is interesting, the relationship between Chronos and the law.  “When the fullness of Chronos was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law” and to be made under the law is to be made what?  Under the condemnation of the law.  Why was Christ under the condemnation of the law?  Because he now was living under the jurisdiction of Chronos.  He was born into a body that would die, having received the seed, the inheritance, from his mother and going back to Adam.  He came into the realm of Chronos.  He came into time to live in our reality and therefore he was under the condemnation of the law.  Interesting.

Before we go any further than that, let's just quickly go over to Romans 7: 1.  Again, the relationship between the law and Chronos, it's interesting.  “Know ye not, brethren, (for I speak to them that know the law [Greek nomos, those of you who know the nomos], how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as Chronos lives.”  That's what it says.  As long as Chronos lives, the law has dominion over you.  What does that mean?  As long as the old man lives.  As long as the conception of the limited space of time lives, there is judgment, there is coming judgment and the law is perceived in that sense as there to judge and to condemn you because of the reaping aspect of Chronos.  Chronos the Reaper.  That time will run out and, of course, his daughter Inevitability, fate, death comes calling.  The Grim Reaper comes calling for you.  The insignificance of this is profound to me.  The law has dominion over a man as long as Chronos lives.  Because, you see the word there, see Chronos, as long as Chronos lives.

[Audience]  This passage always troubled me.  The whole thing about marriage, death, the husband, and I realise now that it’s not the law that dies, it’s time, it’s Chronos that dies.

Yes, exactly.  I’m pouring over this thinking I'm understanding and thinking I've got it.  As long as Chronos is alive, the law has dominion over you.  You're under the condemnation of the law.  It’s death.  Why death?  Because it's the fear of death.  Why the fear of death?  Because of our wrong conceptions of the character of our Father and that we fear that He will kill us like Chronos does at the end of the time.  With his scythe he will wipe all of us out.  And this is what Christianity teaches, that God Himself will burn to death billions and billions of his children to whom he gave life.  He devours his own children.  He eats their flesh, He burns them with fire.

What happens to the whore in Revelation?  What happens to her?  What do the kings of the earth do to her.  They eat her flesh and they burn her with fire because that's the God they worship.  They worship Chronos.  You look at pictures or other pictures of Chronos.  You have these grotesque depictions of this old man eating the flesh of a small child.  That's Chronos.  It's being revealed here.

When I started looking at this last night I was going Hallelujah, God is showing us something really profound here.  When I read Romans 7: 1, suddenly this whole passage is just illuminated for me.  The law has dominion over you as long as Chronos lives and Chronos is given birth because of a principle, and I want to tell you, where did death come from?  Well it came from what Satan promised to Eve in the garden, wasn't it, the opposite.  You shall not surely die.  It is the conception of life inherent within yourself when you have inherited all things that gives birth to death.  Your conception of independence places you immediately under time, it places you under the jurisdiction of the law, the law as understood the law of sin and death.  Because what do we see, it talks about this if we go a little bit further.

If we go to Romans 8: 2 what does it say?  “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.”  The law of sin and death is what comes when we seek to live independently from the Father.  We believe the lie of inherent life source and we seek to live independently from the Father.  Immediately we are ushered into the kingdom of death and a law that will condemn and destroy us.  This is what we are being ushered into.  How does the law have dominion over a man through Chronos and I want to refer you to the booklets.  I refer you to this book Key to Empowering the Third Angel's Message and I want to step you through how it is that the law has dominion over us through Chronos.  It's the 12 steps of page 14 of this book.  How did this come about?  How did we move from eternity to time?  How did this take place?  These are the steps I believe, through the research that we have done.

A rejection of the begotten Son who inherited all things.  It's a rejection of the inheritance.  In rejecting the Son of God who inherited all things, we reject the principle of inheritance.  He inherited eternity because eternity was in His Son.  In Christ was life original, unborrowed and underived.  Not in this linear Greek concept but in an experiential, in a relational framework.  Because He says, “the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life” (John 6:63).  How can this be in a linear format?  It doesn't make any sense.  It's in a relational format, in rejecting that Christ was the Son of God by inheritance, this led to the rejection of life as a gift which led to the theory of inherent immortality which led to the theory that the Angels did not need laws to govern them.  See the relationship to the law.  It’s a big step.  “I don't need to be under the jurisdiction of law, I have life in myself.”  Which made God's law arbitrary.  As soon as you say, I don't need to be under law, the reverse actually happens.  You become under law because you cannot remove the fact that God exists.

[Audience]  You see God's laws imposed because you live in His universe, you can’t avoid it.

Because you live in His universe, you cannot avoid the fact that He exists and that He has a law.  So your claims to inherency, your claims to having life within yourself, change the law into a Dominion and a control and a slavery.  Because you have asserted your independence, but how do you manifest that independence?  How does it manifest?  It manifests as the law of sin and death and therefore time becomes relevant because you know you're running out of time.  Which caused Satan to declare that mercy was inconsistent with justice because beings of inherent wisdom need no mercy.  They have sufficient wisdom to guide them.  This is why Chronos has no mercy.  Chronos destroys all, good and bad.  All die.  It's arbitrary.  It doesn't matter what you do.  It doesn't matter how good a life that you live.  You're going to die.  When your time's up, two things are certain, death and taxes.  Time waits for no man.  The ravages of time.  Which led Satan to tell the Angels that God would not forgive, which led Satan to state that every sin must be punished, which led to the idea that justice demands death, which means God's government is founded on force not love, which opened the door to the principle of sacrificial atonement and penal substitution for transgression.

That's the relationship between the dominion of the law and death.  It completely changed the meaning of the law.  Just as eternity was changed in its meaning to an experience where time had no relevance whatsoever, making time a commodity where death is the doorstop, and suddenly time appreciates in value tremendously to the point where time is above all.  And this is as we talked about.  Chronos is a three-headed serpent.

So what has Chronos, the three headed serpent, done to the begotten Son?  We're talking about a mind trick that Satan has pulled on the human race.  What has he done to Adventism.  He has stormed the very citadel of the Adventist system of theology and gone in and crucified Christ in the minds of the Advent people.  How did he do it?  He did it by saying if Christ was born in eternity, which is for me time going on forever, then there was a time when Christ did not exist and this cannot be.  Therefore, because it cannot be, the begotten Son was destroyed, was annihilated.  Either one way or the other.  Because either he's created or he never came forth.  It only leaves those two options.  Chronos is the one who does this.   Aion Chronos.  Time going on forever annihilates the begotten Son in eternity because humanity pushes itself through the curtain of eternity when the Bible says you cannot do it.  But man in his arrogance storms the most holy place grasping the pagan concept of Chronos.  Chronos enters the most holy place and murders the Son of God.  Do you see it.  This is why we've lost the begotten Son in Adventism.  He's been murdered by Chronos.

But what do we see?  Not defeated.  Revelation 10: 6, what does it say?  Who is the one that stands and “swares by him that lives forever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that are therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be Chronos no longer:”  Chronos is overthrown.  You only live once - that's Chronos.  You must make the most of now, you must live life to the full, you must cheat death, you must jump off tall buildings in squirrel suits, you must do all these crazy types of things because you are cheating death.  You are in effect giving Chronos the finger, “I will cheat you”.  Trying to be like Zeus and Achilles, seeking to kill Father Time, that why they call it death-defying.  I defy you.  I risk my life.  Get me if you can.  But what does the great Son of God say, there will be Chronos no longer.  When does this take place?  When is it that there is time no longer?  In the time of the end or is at the end of time.  The end of Chronos.

[Audience]  In the time of the end, after 1844.  That’s why there is no more time prophecy.

After 1844.  That's why there's no more time prophecy.  The depth of this doesn't stop, does it?

[Audience]  So we’re going to have a little time of trouble.

So we have a little trouble.  Chronos doesn't want to die.  Chronos wants to live on.  Chronos comes into God's Advent people and gets them to remake time prophecies, in worship and honour of Chronos.

[Audience]  That’s why approaching Sabbath is always such a traumatic time.

Because Chronos wants to defeat you and stop you from entering into eternity.  Because we are in eternity now in Christ Jesus.  Are we not?  And as you are seeking to enter in, Chronos is at the gate waiting to take you out.

[Audience]  So when we’re saying we are killing time, maybe that’s a good thing.

On the Eternity side for the Sabbath keeper and on the Time side is the Saturday keeper, you're marking the time.  I know as a young person, I'm waiting, I'm watching the clock, I'm looking to Chronos.  O, Chronos, deliver me from the Sabbath.  Save me, Chronos, deliver me from this boring preacher.  Please get me out of here.  Help me, I'm hungry.  Oh Chronos, great Chronos, the father of all, the uncreated one, the beaded one, the destroyer of all, the personification of the Old Covenant.  The only person who can end the Sabbath. Free us from the bondage of Jehovah.  The depth of this is profound.

So on the eve of Pentecost, we want to restore the law to its rightful state.  The law of God can only find its freedom when Chronus dies.  When Chronus dies, the law is completely transformed and we enter eternity.  Eternity is an experience.  The New Covenant is an experience.  But if you follow the dispensational concepts, then eternity is a dispensation and Chronos rules it.

[Audience]  That’s interesting because it’s like, if you look at that, eternity comes back. And the dispensational view, you have a God of the Old Covenant and you have the New Covenant and then you have that old guy coming back in the end.

Yes, the old guy comes back at the end and kills everyone.

[Audience]  That’s it.  The god of the Old Testament is going to manifest himself again in the end.  That's that dispensational view.

And those that don't die well wish they were dead.  The same dispensational view, dividing things up into time.

We are invited, brothers and sisters, to leave Chronos’s temple.  No longer be pressured, constantly pushing, Big Ben pushing us, constantly driven by the clock time.  And of course, what 60 seconds, 60 minutes.  Hello!  It's the three-headed serpent.  It's the three eternal principles as, and what does it say, we see if you come back to (Wikipedia) Chronos and Pherecydes said “about 6th century BC, claimed that there were three eternal principles:  Chronos, Zeus and Chthonie with the Lord of the underworld.  Three eternal principles.  It's everywhere.

Zeus is the lord of sky and rain and he's the lord of the day, of the expanse of temporal time.  And of course Zeus rises up against his father and kills him and that's exactly what the son of Han Solo did.  It's the same thing played out over and over and over again.  It's the same Greek mythology played over.  The son rising up and killing his father.  Seeking to kill that which will terminate him.

How do we find the elixir of eternal life, the eternal fountain of youth that will destroy Chronos?  Christ has already destroyed Chronos.  Hath destroyed death and brought immortality and life through the gospel.  That through death, Christ might destroy him that had the power of death.  How does Satan have the power of death?  Through Chronos.  He rules us through Chronos and how much of our lives, how much of our life force has been expended in serving Chronos?  The whole life serving an allegory.  Why do we celebrate birthdays?  For what purpose?  In honour of Chronos!  The Olympic Games, who is it that confers medals?  Time confers the medals as to who is the greatest.  Chronos is the father of all who says whether you deserve gold or silver or bronze.

You are a magnification of your miserable husbands.  Ageing, seeking to be eternally beautiful because Chronos is coming for you.  He along with Ether and Gravity to destroy everything.  Chronic disease, inevitability, chaos, anarchy, it's all there isn’t it.  Without wanting to be too pun driven, it's time for eternity

It's interesting that Lucifer, when he rejected the Son of God, his whole existence changed and I want to read to you from Spirit of Prophecy, Volume 1, page 29.  So what I'm doing here is, and I've said this a few times and I want to reiterate it for you, that we are connecting time and eternity to the old in the new covenant.  That's what we're doing.  The Old Covenant of death and the New Covenant of life.  Time as death.  And we must enter through.  We have been born under the rulership.  How is Satan the Ruler and Prince of this world?  Through Chronos and death, this is how he rules us.  And Satan in his satanic genius has overthrown the begotten Son on the thrones of the hearts of men and destroyed the begotten Son in the most holy place by causing men to presumptuously enter it through the curtain into the most holy holding the chalice of Chronos.  Not good enough for us.  We need someone.

This is the point and I need to make this point to you, who is it that the Trinity owes his life to?  What is it that we determine the supreme deity of God Himself?  We look to Chronos and see that he is eternal, perpetual, Chronos Aion.  It is Chronos Aion that determines whether the Trinity is to be worshipped or not.  He is the one, the benefactor upon which he crowns Yahweh and says, “I grant you the throne because you are eternal” in our mind.

Do we realize how much our minds are controlled by this system and now we are being offered on the eve of Pentecost, we are truly being offered a way of escape.  How different is next Friday afternoon going to be, ladies?  How are we going to live our life?  How are we gentlemen, when we are seeking to get a task done that we want to get done, and our wife wants to speak to us, and we're tapping the desk very gently, maybe not even gently, saying “can you see that I'm busy because Chronos is on my back and I’ve gotta get this done”.  The compulsion.  Who compels you?  What is it that drives you?  It's Chronos because the reaper is coming, I've got to get all of this done.  Because Chronos is coming to kill us all.

[Audience]  All the pioneers had that problem.  Overwork.

Yes.  Got to get these things done.  We have a time limit.

[Audience]  Yet God had a miracle in the Old Testament where He stopped the clock.  He stopped the sun.

Yes.  He stopped the clock.  Imagine if we removed all timepieces.  We stopped saying Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in honour of the Roman gods.  What if we dethrone all of them and we live by the sun and the moon and our Fathers calendar.  And we came and we met together cyclically as he ordered for us to do and we lived in the realm of fellowship.  We'd be seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus wouldn't we.

[Audience]  Might be a bit weird.

That’s one weirdness.  Doesn't it say we'd be God's peculiar people.

[Audience]  It was God stopping the sun that captured Babylon.  Stopping time.  I was just thinking about that one actually because it was given him the option either let it go forward or back and he made it decline.  He made a submission.  That was actually what drew their attention.

He pushed Chronos onto his backside.  Going backward, he submitted.  So when there is a group of people who dethrone Chronos, Rome will come looking.  Who are these people.  Who no longer lives according to.  No longer afraid of death and no longer ruled by the clock.  Those who are fearful of death and those who are ruled by Chronos will become one mind with the Beast.  You will not escape.  You will die.  And you will enter that system and you will be compelled either in that hand or in the forehead.  Either way because Satan still rules through Chronos.  He still controls you through the fear of death.  You will yield yourself to him but only those, only those, who truly believe in the begotten Son and live in the realm of eternity now can defeat Chronos and overturn him.

I just want to say this to you, the whole playing out of 1844 and the 2300 days is a magnification of man's obsession with time, with Chronos.  God Himself is presented as a relentless judge.  He Himself is presented as Chronos in order to show to us the depravity of our thinking because God judges no one.  This is what our Saviour has said to us but God has to magnify our sinfulness.  It is true that our forefathers laid out all of these timelines and they did all of these things that all those things were critical and vital because they show us how we think in order to show us what we need to repent of.  And what we need to repent of now, now that that work has been done, and thank God for the work that our pioneers did and have given us a route into the most holy place because we've been in the brass, we've been in the iron, but now we're in the gold and the silver and now God is saying, lay Chronos to sleep, put aside your time charts, stop worshiping Chronos, stop trying to imagine when the close of probation will be.  Give it up.  If you want to enter my kingdom and enter into eternity.

What does it say as Isaiah 57: 15, the most, the holiest, what does it say.  “For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity,”.  How do you inhabit eternity?  Inhabiting is to dwell in something, is to experience something.  God experiences eternity  Christ is the wonderful numberer.  He numbers the hairs of our head.  It’s not the number of time.

The implications of this are profound and I wrote this in the first chapter of Life Matters about where our life comes from, our life source, and I had three areas there.  It says, where does our “life or power source  - Life, physical, mental, and spiritual.  This is the essence of being.  Where does life come from and how do we engage it?  How do we live a life that is full and meaningful?”

The secondary ingredients to that are “the very nature of birth and infancy demands that people engage in some form of relationship.”  We cannot have life without relationship.  God has designed us that way.  “In our human existence, life is conceived via relationships.  We also see that the drive for relationships and intimacy due to the greater aversion most people have to being alone (which is what's happening now with COVID-19).  Life without intimacy is empty.”

When you are empty, Chronos grinds your face into the dirt.  In the morning you say, Oh would to God that it was evening” and in the evening, “would to God that it was morning”.  Chronos is crushing you because you have no relationship, you have no intimacy.

“Value and worth - a healthy self-concept, a sense of purpose and destiny.  Without this sense of purpose life becomes meaningless and the desire to preserve it is destroyed.  Life without value is meaningless.”  [Life Matters, end of first chapter]

This is how Chronos rules us through the law.  When you are stripped away of your true value, you are stripped away because of the breaking of the relationships, because if you have life in yourself, everybody else is either an opportunity or a threat.  That's why so many people are dying alone now, because of these things that happen.

So I want to end with this text Romans 16:25.  I love this, this is beautiful.  This the first time, I don't think so, Paul obviously was preaching this but the principles we've shared today, the implications are profound.  And I just rejoiced last night and I just said, “Lord You just keep sending truths, You just keep sending blessing.”  It just keeps coming and I was just praising and saying Yes!

Now we will close on this, “Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since Chronos began.”  Why is the gospel kept secret?  Why is it hidden?  Because Chronos rules and when Chronos came to life, the begotten Son was put to death.  The depth of this is phenomenal.  Did Paul understand what he was saying?  Why is it now made manifest?  Because the disciples, there was a small group of men who suddenly saw that each immortality was given to us, that death had been overthrown.  That Christ had triumphed over Chronos and death.

It has taken another two thousand years for this to come around for us.  And now we have a brief window of time in which we can see.  This is a miracle that is happening brothers and sisters.  This is a miracle that's happening that we, we with open face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being changed into the same image and we are defeating time.

[Audience]  The disciples watched Him die and come back to life.  He destroyed their fear of death.

He destroy their fear of death, He came back to life.  Time had no hold on them anymore.

[Audience]  It’s interesting that this message comes at a time during COVID, which is like a break in time.  Coronavirus is something like is a pause in time the world would never experience.

Like a break in time, a suspension.  People have to spend time together.  Domestic violence is going through the roof, abuse, people are eating themselves to death because Chronos rules them.  How can I achieve what I am being made to stop.

[Audience]  It's an injection of time for you to actually have just that bit of breathing room to look, to see, to take stock.

And some are taking stock and others are burning the place down.  Others are fearful.  The time of trouble.  I've had the time of trouble, the Chronos of trouble, hanging over me from a small child.  Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.  Why?  For You are with me.  Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.  You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies because when you dwell an eternity, death is defeated.  You’re not afraid any more.

[Audience]  That makes you peculiar as the rest of the world fears the rod.  You find comfort in it.

Are you afraid of COVID?  Are you afraid of death?  I pray that we will give thanks for the beauty of these things that God is revealing to us.  I am so excited by this.  The gospel now can come to light and it is going to manifest in the way that we deal with the situation around us and how we manage ourselves.  Because you know, it's really hard to be creative when you’re under stress.  And the stress, it comes to us on Friday afternoon.  I can't think straight because time is ending and ….  I didn’t make it and now judgement.  The Grim Reaper comes and there you're sitting on Sabbath with a grim face because you didn’t make it.  Every time, every time, ruled by Chronos.

So, just one more thing for you.  You look in vain to find where it says the evening and the morning were the seventh day.  It doesn’t say it.  Did you catch that one.  The evening and the morning were the seventh day.  It doesn’t say it.  It’s endless.  The Sabbath is the taste of eternity.  The morning and the evening were the first day, the second day, the third day, the fourth day.  Why?  What did this come about?  Because darkness was on the face of the deep.  Because Chronos had erected himself from the very beginning and God would teach us through the six days but on the seventh day there's no more, there is no more focus because the night is coming when no man can work.

So many things to think about, so many things.  So I pray that we will be released from Chronos.  You can lay down your time charts brethren.  You can put them aside.  Don't worry about those things.  Let Chronos die the death and be raised to newness of life in Christ Jesus.

Shall we pray?

Father, I give You thanks.  I praise You for this revelation.  For entering into a deep crevasse in the mind of man and to discover there, the serpent himself hidden in plain sight in all the things that we watch for constantly watching the time, the time, the time because Chronos rules us with an iron fist and there is no iron in the most holy place.  We pray Lord Jesus, that we would take hold of eternal life and the assurance that You have defeated Chronos and that there will be time no longer and that we will enter into the Sabbath in joy and that You will prepare us and that You will help us and all the things that we want to achieve, that we want to do, will be done and time will become as worthless as confetti, will be ashes under our feet and we will triumph in the name of Jesus.  We thank you in His name.  Amen.