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Published Oct 28, 2023
Last Updated Jan 08, 2024
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This tract is a supplement to the book, Did God Kill Jesus Instead of Killing us? by Kevin J. Mullins


Please be advised that this tract should only be given to the Seventh-day Adventist who has read the abovementioned book. After one has read the book and agrees with its conclusions, then this tract should be given to them as a supplement to what they have read. For example: You could say, “I’m glad you enjoyed the book, here’s a tract comparing the modern SDA view of this subject.”

Inside the Tract:

This tract compares quotations defining reconciliation, propitiation, and atonement from mainstream Christianity with modern Adventism and how they widely differ from those who brought us the most precious message of 1888. Do modern SDA leaders teach that God is the One who killed His Son instead of killing us?