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Published Dec 14, 2020
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And therefore it is utterly inconceivable that God is willing today to suffer the death of 125,000 unborn infants, the 3000 that died in suicide, the three and a half thousand that were killed in car accidents today, the thousands and thousands of people that died of drug overdoses today, and all the agony and the associated agony that went with it. He endured all of this today, in order that you might have another day to live and to give your heart to Christ and to yield yourself fully to Him in order that Christ may be formed in you the hope of glory.

So that, when Christ is fully manifested in the 144,000, as it says in Revelation 14:1, “sealed with the Father's name,” which is His character, which is written into the 10 commandments, then we can go home. But not until this gospel of the kingdom is preached. “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness under all nations, then shall the end come.” It is a gospel of self-denial. It is a gospel of unfathomable self-denial. And by beholding the God of this gospel, you must be changed into its image, if you believe it. And then you can begin to deny self and ask and pray for the Spirit of God like you never asked for it, imploring: “Lord, let me be like you.”