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Author Adrian Ebens
Published Oct 27, 2020
Pages 28
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Outside of the sanctuary, we have the iron furnace.  No mercy, only death decree.  In the courtyard, the brass altar, God’s mercy perceived through a false justice system of penal substitution.  In the Holy Place there is gold and silver.  The experience of Moses in offering his life.  That’s a gold moment isn’t it but it is still in the context of a death decree.  He believes in the forgiveness of God but if not, blot my name out of the Book.  He still has a death decree.  Forgive their sin but if not, take my life.  Still has the false justice system or the veil of Christ’s flesh.  The taking of fallen sinful nature which is the enmity created by the false justice system.  It is the false justice system that creates the enmity.  It was Adam believing that God was going to kill his wife (false justice) that led to enmity.  The Most Holy Place is gold and silver sockets but within the veil of Christ’s flesh the false justice system is removed and the inconsistency between God’s justice and mercy is removed.  The decrees of death are removed in the light of God’s character.  No more condemning judgment.

Now that, that is good news.  Because this gives us a framework for how this works for the Sanctuary.  Explains to us a lot of things in the book of Hebrews and there is more stuff for us to look at.