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30 - Christ's Victory is Ours

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Added Mar 19, 2016

Your study is based around the three temptations that Jesus faced in the wilderness. These three temptations are the same in principle as those faced by Adam and Eve. They are the same as we face today. Work through the story of Adam and Eve’s fall, drawing out the themes of: (1) Indulgence of appetite (2) Disbelief in God’s word and (3) Self will or self worship. These three failures by Adam and Eve placed the death penalty upon them. Then show how Jesus overcame each of these failures – to develop the character of the Second Adam – the new head of the human race. The life of Jesus secured the character that we needed and His death paid the penalty of death that we deserved. Finally, show how the character of Jesus is imparted to us – that is through His intercession for us in heaven. Our thoughts are imbued with His thoughts; we have access to the victories that He obtained for us.