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ABCs of Bible Prayer

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Added Mar 06, 2023
Author Glenn Coon

These are the 6 points in communication Jesus way in soul winning for the Lord:

1- Giving choice - no nagging; stimulate interest and questions; ask for permission before giving info. Give only what they ask and the amount they ask for.
2- Humility - not belittle, not look down upon others, not accuse, scold or condemn.

These two points make people to be at ease around us.

3- The joy of trusting Jesus - express joy and thanksgiving.

This point allures people in a positive way to want to have what we have.

4- Faith - express faith in the other person (in actuality you have faith in God to guide them.)
5- Love - take interest in other's happiness and meet them where they are; ask about their interests.
6- Hope - always give and express hope.

These three exert pressure; people want to live up to the level of confidence you have in them.

Isn't this beautiful? Here is the link to the sermons that make up this book. May it bless you if you choose to have a listen: