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Learn of Me - Mead Maguire (1939)

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“Come Unto Me”

JESUS bids you come to Him, learn of Him, and rest in Him. No one will ever be compelled by force to come to Christ. He came to save sinners, but not against their will. “Every one who is destroyed, will have destroyed himself.” “He came unto His own, and His own received Him not. But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God.” John 1:11, 12. You are His own, because He created you and redeemed you, but you must come to Him and receive Him if you would become a son of God. Why should you come to Him? First, because you are not exempt from the awful results of the curse of sin. You are weary and heavy laden. You may or may not be obliged to do taxing physical labor, but how often the burdens of those [4] whose wealth provides every convenience seem heavier than the load of those who serve. Whether we recognize it or not, it is the burden of sin that weighs upon the heart, and leaves a longing which is never satisfied by material things. Jesus promises rest. “A life in Christ is a life of restfulness.” His rest may be entered into and enjoyed by those who labor and are heavy laden. However hard and trying their lot, however taxing their load, in Him they find rest. How am I to come to Him? It seems a strange question, yet it is often asked. Imagine a little child standing by his mother’s side, and saying, “Mamma, I want to come to you, but I do not know how.” Ah, but that is different, you say. He can see his mother, and hear her voice..