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Pioneer Statement on the Godhead - Littlejohn April 17- 1883

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On page 10 of this release of the Review and Herald. W.H Littlejohn provides this answer on the subject of the Godhead.

Christ not a created being.

Question to Review: Will you please favor me with thise scriptures which plainly say that Christ is a created being.

Answer from Review: You are mistaken in supposing the S.D. Adventists teach that CHrist was ever created. They believe on the contrary, that he was "begotten" of the Father, and that he can properly be called God and worshipped as such. They believe also, that the worlds, and everything which is, was created by Christ in conjunction with the Father. They believe, however, that somewhere in the eternal ages of the past there was a point at which Christ came into existence. They think that it is necessary that God should have antedated Christ in his being, in order that CHrist could have been begotten of him, and sustain to him the relation of son. They hold to the distinct personality of the Father and Son, rejecting as absurd the feature of Trinitarianism which insists that God, and Christ, and the Holy Spirit are three persons, and yet but one person. S.D. Adventists hold that God and Christ are one in the sense that Christ prayed that his disciples might be one; i.e., one in spirit, purpose and labor. See "Fundamental Prinicples of S.D. Adventists," published at this office. 

Not this was a fundamental principle or belief of Adventists in 1883.