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God's Calendar and the Midnight Cry

Part of series God's Calendar

The Millerite movement came to a mighty climax when the Midnight cry delivered by Samuel Snow in July/August of 1844 brought a mighty moving of the Spirit of God.

In that message was a development of the Jewish Calendar according to Karaite reckoning. It was not until this message came that the midnight cry found its power.

The Angel told Ellen White that the Midnight Cry lights the path all the way to the City. EW 14. Is the information in this midnight cry the clue we need to unlock the Spirit of Christ in all His Sabbaths that we might receive the extra oil that the wise virgins possess in order to go into the wedding feast.

In 1893, in the 49th year from 1844 A.T Jones proclaimed with power that the presence of Christ is manifested with additional blessing in the Sabbath. Will we take hold of the times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord and be part of the woman in Rev 12 that stands upon the moon?

Presented: Mar 12, 2016
Presenter: Adrian Ebens