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Is God God? III - Did God Drown Millions in the Flood?

Part of series Is God Good

The Bible tells us that God would destroy man in a world wide flood because of his wickedness. Gen 6:7. Christianity teaches that God caused the flood to come on the earth to wipe out potentially millions of people.

Can you picture people running in terror as the God of the universe seeks and destroys those who have resisted Him? Small children in terror gasp their last breath, mother's shreaking in terror as their lives are snuffed out.

Did God really do all this? Does this represent His character? This presentation explores the Bible truth that sin affects the earth and sin causes the earth to react. Climate change is real but it is not carbon that causes climate change - it is sin.

Learn the truth that the flood was caused by man through the elements of nature. Carefully read the story and learn the truth on this subject.

Presented: Apr 02, 2020
Presenter: Adrian Ebens