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Living Bread

Part of series Fountain Series

Jesus is the Living Bread from Heaven. It is Christ in us that overcomes the World.

What are the key ingredients of this living bread? This sermon addresses 4 key areas

1. The Source of Life: Life comes through inheritance. Life comes through Delegated Authority
2. The Secret of life: life through blessing, appreciation and a sense of being cherished by the one you received life from.
3. The Pursuit of Life: Knowing as we are known in the Sphere we live while maintaining our core identity. This is the definition of equality for all.
4. The Way of Life: through submissive obedience to Authority.

Only in the heart of the begotten Son can these life giving attributes be produced. Without this bread we will die in our sins.

Presented: May 28, 2010
Presenter: Adrian Ebens