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Midnight Cry Calendar For Sabbath Sealing Oil

Part of series God's Calendar

Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. It is His presence that brings the blessing given in Genesis 2:3. As Lord of the Sabbath, His presence comes into every Sabbath He has appointed. He not only sends His presence every seventh day of the week but also in that other appointments. How do we know these appointments? The midnight cry lights the path all the way to the city of God. In that midnight cry given in 1844 Samuel Snow revealed the Calendar system to obtain Oct 22, 1844 and thus provides for us the key for the extra oil had by the wise virgins. Today if you will hear his voice harden not your hearts. Christ comes to us in the seasons of refreshing of His appointments. Let us learn to number by sevens

Presented: Mar 30, 2016
Presenter: Adrian Ebens