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The Present Hour and the days just ahead

Part of series Life Stream 2018

The wonder of the message given to us in the light of the penalty of sin, the atonement and the demands of justice and the template for the Judgement place the gospel in a place that means that few really understand it and that there is a greater urgency to reach every nation kindred tongue and people realising that it has not been preached in many places.

Penalty of Sin:
Atonement and the demands of Justice:
Template for the judgment:

We consider also the time of Christ and the three elements at play
1. The Church with both conservative and liberal factions that have gone into apostasy
2. A reformation movement spearheaded by John the Baptist yet not understanding the nature of Christ's kingdom
3. The message of Christ which began to be given after the reform movement of John the baptist was stopped through persecution.

All these things are written for our admonition

Presented: Dec 08, 2018
Presenter: Adrian Ebens