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Core Adventism

Presentations on fundamental teachings of the Bible and the Advent Movement

Presenter: Adrian Ebens
Presented: Jul 29, 2006 - Sep 02, 2009
Presentations: 6

The gospel preached to the Israelites is the same gospel preached to us, just in a different form Heb 4:2 . Jesus clearly states that the plan of salvation is of the Jews John 4:22 . That gospel is reflected in the Sanctuary System. How many today are preaching all aspects of the gospel from court to Holy place to Most Holy Place.

What does it mean to be born again? What is actually involved?

How do you say goodbye forever? How to you say goodbye to children you have created, loved, gifted, blessed and dreamed about? It did not have to be this way but they still believe the lies about you. Wouldn't you want to take them in your arms one last times and tell them how you felt about them? And as they felt your heart, the realistion brings torment unimaginable. This is the torment of Hell, the coals of fire, the torment of a broken relationship for which the pain of physical fire pales into nothingness

The judgement in the relational context of a wedding is not a bad thing but a very exciting thing. Both parties in the the joys of courtship are investigating each other before making the final forever commitment. Let us cry with David Judge me Oh Lord - Ps 26:1

A sermon that will challenge your understanding of the three angels messages. Learn how the message Babylon is fallen is a powerful exaltation of the cross.

The word spiritualism involves both communication with evil spirits and adopting the methods they use in twisting Scripture.

The Adventist Message has been built firming upon the literal rule of interpretation. All our doctrines were developed by taking all texts together and harmonising their meaning in plain language, letting the Bible alone define terms and symbolism when a literal meaning is impossible.

The most obvious place where a literal rule applies is in the terms Father and Son. If Jesus is not truly the Son of the Father, then this sets a platform to spiritualise away all our teachings.

The Sanctuary, victory over sin, the nature of Christ, roles of men and women are all spiritualised away. This train of heresies finds it source in spiritualising the Father and Son so that these terms have no relational meaning.