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Author: Adrian Ebens
Published: Mar 01, 2011
Written: Nov 01, 2005
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Millions upon millions of people struggle with depression every day. The motivation to keep going gets harder and harder and many are looking for a way out.

The toxic effects of worthlessness come from an evaluation of ourselves that we are not good at something, not well liked and not much use. Most self help books try to address this by encouraging people to love and pamper themselves and tell themselves that they are special.

This method completely by passes the essential human need for blessing. A parental figure or mentor who speaks words of blessing into your life. There is nothing that can replace this powerful expereince of being told you are loved by someone you respect and admire.

Our Father in heaven wants to tell us this every day but Satan has blinded many in the world to look for value in other places and become deaf to that wonderful blessing of the Father - that you are his beloved child.

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