Exposing Spiritualising the Word

Includes Millers Rules of Interpretation and correct Bible Study methods as well as exposing the spiritualised teaching methods of Babylon

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1Origen's influence upon the `New Translations' of the Biblekym JonesDec 09, 20116546
2Paul's Writings are the Commandments of the LordColin NicolsonDec 07, 20115644
3Modern Proof-text MessagesRex ConklinJul 12, 20116946
4Express Image Confirmed by Two WitnessesCraig JonesMay 31, 20116028
5The Plain Letter of the Word of GodCraig JacobsonMar 23, 20117314
6Rules of InterpretationDaniel BernhardtJan 26, 20116407