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The Plain Letter of the Word of God

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We have been reading through some of the Signs of the times articles and came across a three paragraph introduction to an article by Ellen White concerning her Christian Experience and labours. The introduction is written by James White and his words are beneficial for all to consider escpeically today. Read them carefully and see if they are not applicable to us today.



The religion of Jesus Christ is within the grasp of even the youthful mind when taught from the plain letter of the word of god. It is then that Christian experience appears rational and beautiful. Extremes in the Christian lives of many are the result of those wrong teachings which clothe in bewildering mysteries the pure, simple and plain teachings of the bible relative to the way of life.

The Christian world is cursed with religious fiction. This is especially exhibited in sunday-school books which are early thrown into the laps of children as their first series for instruction. Next, as they reach riper years, come those volumes in which learned doctors of divinity philosophize upon the mysteries of the "hidden life." their efforts to make it appear that "entire consecration" is a second great work to succeed justification, has added to the general bewilderment.

By this time the religion of the plain and humble teacher of Judea, the meek, dying sacrifice of Calvary, the adorable redeemer and pitying mediator at the father's right hand, is wrapped in impenetrable mystery, and placed at a dizzy height in the minds of most young people. Despair of ever reaching a life of holiness and perfect obedience seizes them, followed by a decided distaste for what is supposed to be the religion of the bible. Under these influences and false impressions the path of bible holiness is made obscure and difficult, as seen in mrs. White's experience continued from last week:  ST, February 3, 1876



James White seemed to understand that process of causing people to despair of a life of holiness in life with wrapping Jesus in an impenetrable mystery. Do we not see the fruits of such things today?