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02 Fulfilled Prophecies

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Added Mar 17, 2016

The probability of one person fulfilling these 48 Bible prophecies is 1 in 10157. To try to grasp this probability let us consider the probability of 1 in 1017, which would cover just eight prophecies. Supposing we take 1017 dollar coins and laid them side-by-side across the state of New South Wales (in Australia).  This would cover almost the entire state to a depth of 60 cm or 2 feet. Mark one of these dollar coins with a black X and stir the coins thoroughly then blind-fold a man and ask him to find that one coin. Try to expand that concept to 10157 and you can begin to see how powerful the prophecies of Jesus are.

Consider Luke 24:27, 44 where Jesus showed the two men on the road to Emmaus all the things concerning Himself from the Scriptures. Jesus validated his mission by showing what was predicted about Him in the Bible