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A Feast of Tabernacles to Remember

Posted Nov 12, 2013 by George Kerr in General
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BaptismPoolGeorge and I had the opportunity to attend a Feast of Tabernacles in Talking Rock, Georgia, from October 21-28 hosted by the Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel. It was wonderful to meet so many new friends, but what was so spectacular about this camp meeting was the moving of the Holy Spirit upon the participants. There were many people there with different convictions, but all were at peace with one another. Frank Klin started out the first weekend in prayer and an emphasis towards a "Day of Atonement" experience before the camp meeting would begin the following Monday. Reconciliation was made publicly between spiritual brothers; employer/employees; friends to friends, and parents with children. Communion was held and healing was received. Frank continued this theme by bathing the days with prayer time and special prayer services each night after the evening meeting for prayer requests.

The music was rich and bountiful with Gary and Carolyn Hullquist either at the piano or leading out in song service. The special musics were wonderful and it was such a blessing to see talented young men dedicating those talents to the work of their heavenly Father and His dear son.

George and I were also blessed to see so many single and married young adults there. Every night of the camp meeting that would start a bonfire after the evening meeting and get together for fellowship. It was so encouraging to see how they were on fire for YAHUAH while combining it with their occupations. In addition several young men made commitments to serve the Father and Son in a more direct way. The last camp fire of the Feast $35,000 worth of music/media was either thrown in the fire or purged from computers!!!

One afternoon was dedicated to discussing how the different ministries represented could work together in a more unified manner. That meeting began with another communion service. While nothing concrete developed from the meeting, the love of the brethren and recognition of moving of the Spirit was an understood promise of something developing as we continue to grow together.

On the Shemini Atzeret (the Assembly of the 8th [day]) there was a baptism of eleven people including George and I. We had wanted to be re baptized in the names of the Father and Son, but while we were at the Feast healing was brought to an area within our marriage from the topics of righteousness by faith in the Three Angels' Messages and the presentation of the Doctrine of the Father and Son in a new way of "Source and Channel" and we felt even more convicted to be re baptized.

Finally last, but by no means least. Robyn did a wonderful job with the children. They had many exciting activities even including the opportunity to tie dye a T-shirt! On the first day of Tabernacles they went door to door in a certain neighborhood and placed bags on the doors of the homes saying they would be back in several days to pick up the food items left in the bag. These items were going to be given to the local food bank. The eve of Shemini Atzeret the evening meeting consisted of a "Feast of Ingathering" testimony and praise hour. During that time Ms. Kristi, the Talking Rock Christian School teacher, brought in her students and they performed two songs using hand bells and singing. Three of her children are first graders, and they all did an amazing job.