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an analogy

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I just wanted to share some thoughts that came to me during a recent stay in hospital.

I had to be connected to a saline/potassium drip for 2 days and this was my only source of nourishment to sustain my life. If I wanted to have the drip work efficiently it had to be plugged into power at all times. If I needed to move away from my resting place I had to unplug from the power source and rely on the battery pack but not for too long or the battery would run out of power and my water supply would stop.

Now you are wondering “where is she going with this?”

The thoughts that came to me were …

Water represents the Holy Spirit of the Father (Isa 44:3; Ezek 34:26; Jhn 7:37-39)

nourishment = food = bread and Jesus is the Bread of Life (Jhn 6:33, 35,48,51)

God is the source of my life through Jesus Christ (Gen 2:7; Deut 30:20; Jhn 3:16)

All (or full) power is given to me from the Father through His Son by their Spirit. (Exod 15:6; Psal 59:16; Rom 15:13, 1 Cor 5:4)

God is our resting place (Deut 12:10; Josh 21:44; 1 Kin 8:56)

The analogy of battery pack got me thinking until I realised that there are times when I am no longer fully connected to God and I start to lose my strength of faith not because he has moved but because I found something I thought was of great importance and wanted to pursue it without his blessing. It is only when I get reconnected that I can face my trails and successes with confidence (Phil 4:13; Rom 8:28)

I therefore need to continuously be drip fed by my Heavenly Father the water of life eternal – His Spirit; I need to be continuously fed on the bread of life –Jesus His Son the source of life eternal, and to be fully connected to Him for He is my resting place at all times.