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April at Amicalola

Posted Apr 18, 2011 by Gary Hullquist in Testimonies and Stories
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Nearly fifty faithful gathered at the top of the mountain for four days of feasting and fellowship. They came from Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Maryland, Montana, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas , Australia.

From Friday afternoon to Monday noon, we turned our hearts toward the fathers of Adventism, to the fathers and mothers of our famiy structures, and to the Father and His Son, the two Witnesses. 

Fifteen presentations and testimonies filled each day from 9 in the morning to 9 at night. We heard about the history of our pioneers and their consistent belief in the begotten Son for over 100 years, the Lie of the Serpent and the three life source models and how they influence our understanding of our major church teachings, a scriptural basis for why the Son is Heir of All Things, an exploration of The Law of Life for the Universe in which the Son received all things from his Father “but he took to give.”

Jonathan Otto and Michael Delaney gave stirring accounts of their personal journeys and each sang for us songs from their heart that turned our hearts to our heavenly Father.  We closed the Sabbath with an exciting presentation by Stephen Dickie and his experience in reaching the Muslim people.

Jeff Wilson presented the The Second Adam who came from the Family of Heaven to be our Everlasting Father.  Frank Klin introduced Rex Conklin who gave his personal testimony of how the understanding of a literal Son of God has changed his life.  Adrian continued his focus on the Channel of Blessing and how it is dependent on Absolute Authority.

Gary Hullquist examined the Three Persons/Three Powers statements of Ellen White.  James Crider gave a most interesting presentation of the Great Controversy and how it surfaces in many examples of scripture.  Adrian finished Sunday evening with a discussion of man’s creation and how Adam and Eve were made in the image of God and His Son. 

Lorelle and Adrian turned our hearts toward the marriage relationship, the system of Dual Authority of husband and wife which parallels that of the Father and Son.  The deep emotional bonds, “the tenderest ties that human hearts can know,” were felt by all and made a profound impact on every one of us. We dedicated our lives to follow the example of our Saviour in submission to the Father, of whom are all things, the Source of life and light to all.